Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 196 -
Oubratouvishar tries to convince his fellow countrymen of the divinity of Jesus.

ays Oubratouvishar: "Do you think that I am more gullible than you are? O, there you are greatly mistaken about me! Haven't you seen the proofs this exceedingly beautiful youth, apparently a spirit from heaven, has given me in response to all my doubts, upon only a slightest sign from the Lord?"
Says the twenty: "We saw all kind of things and also overheard here and there the one or other word, however, could not decipher any meaning from it and even less find any connection; since this table is too far away from the main table!"
Say the new arrivals: "We indeed arrived in a somewhat miraculous manner at this second for us empty standing table, in the moment when you bowed deeply before this Lord and came back to us, and therefore could impossibly know anything about what you have negotiated with this dearest youth! Therefore speak what you know and have seen, and we immediately will recognize where we are standing!"
Said the leader: "Very well, then listen to me once more: All of you know about my latest finding in a ditch full of rocks. I wanted to bring it along when we departed and give it in Memphis to the governor as a quite beautiful present; during our departure I forgot about it completely, only remembered it later, and the find therefore, wrapped in linen, was left in a corner of my hut, covered by a pumpkin bowl. When I demanded proof, just as you have demanded it from me, this marvellous youth reminded me about the finding which I forgot at home and described exactly to me where and when I have found this beautiful stone, where I have hidden it in my hut, and to whom I wanted to give it as a present.
Friends and dear brothers! This truly had to appear to me most strange and surprised me to the highest degree! How could this youth know about a secret, which was lying so far away from here, hidden in a deepest corner of my hut?
Friends and brothers, to know this, it requires more than all wisdom of all people! For me this would already be sufficient proof, since I can understand, what in a most fundamental wise case is possible for a person to know! But the youth, upon receiving a sign from the Lord at the table there, did not left it at that, but asks me if I would wish, that he brings this said find from the hut in Nouabia, to here! This proposal had to surprise me to the highest degree, and I accepted the proposal of the dear youth.
You now would assume that the youth would have required me to wait for a while? O, certainly not! In the same moment he handed me first the stone and immediately afterwards also the pumpkin bowl, with which the beautiful find was covered in the deepest corner of my hut, and thereafter it was explained to me where this beautiful stone was coming from!
So that you do not think or accuse me of being gullible, have a look at this stone and this pumpkin bowl, if it is not the same as I have showed to all of you at home! And here also my servant knows where in my hut I have kept it! What are you say to this? Can this also be done by even the most famous magician in Cahiro? (Kahi roug = the horn, which was regarded holy, of one of the biggest bulls of this region) - I have spoken, now it is again your turn!"
Say now all: "If so, which nobody of us doubt, than heil to us all, since here the most unbelievable becomes the most enlivening and clearest truth! Heil us and our country and all, who are waiting at home for us with great longing; since also under their black skin it soon should become sunshine bright!
But now tell us, how can you explain this to yourself, that this person at the same time can be the highest God-being, of which the whole of infinity is filled with, and who effects, guides, maintains and nourishes everything and everywhere in an almighty powerful manner. Where in him is there room for such everlasting unlimited wisdom and such almighty will power?! Here, just like us, only a limited person, and there the most unlimited highest power effective in the whole of infinity with the highest insight and wisdom; here and at all countless points of the whole earth, just as the furthest depths of the infinitive creation, equally seeing, knowing, feeling, calculating and performing with never weakening, everlasting strength and power?! Do you comprehend this inconceivable possibility?"
Says the leader: "I surely does not grasp this fully; but I also do not understand, just as you are, how this youth there could have brought the forgotten stone to me within the quickest moment! Let us therefore be patient in all humility and true love for this only One, and there will be more light given to us!"
With that all for the time being are content, deep in thought, and are waiting for what else will come.