Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 190 -
Oubratouvishar's treasure.

ere Oubratouvishar unwrapped his jewel from the cotton linen and placed it before Me, saying: "There it is, like I have found it between the rocks on a hillside, and could not do otherwise, than to pick it up and to keep it! Surely, never ever did any human hands had anything to do with it! It seems therefore to be a pure product, a so called play of nature. What is it, and what value can it have? Since I never want to give to anyone a present which is worthless."
Says I: "This is a most valuable precious stone, namely a biggest cut diamond. Nevertheless, it was cut and polished through the hands of humans, and during the times when the Persians made war against the Egyptians and at that opportunity also penetrated the desert of Nubian, it was lost by a general when fighting with a large herd of hungry lions and panthers; with that you are going to present the governor of Memphis with an earthly enormously valuable present, and this because of its extraordinary rarity.
See, this stone has been cut and polished for one-hundred-and-seventy years, and became the crown jewel of some kings of Persia, until finally a king honoured one of his greatest generals with it; and actually this general lost it at the desert border of your country, where at that time there were swarms of lions and panthers. At that time I have placed these animals there, otherwise the at that stage very warlike Persians would have found you and would have thinned out your herds very badly.
However, like you have been destined, to even find earthly the most valuable treasure, which has lain under the rocks for some hundred years, you also have been called, to find the greatest and most valuable treasure for the spirit and from there for your souls. You have searched and have found it in a most honourable way! Your black skin should not burden you and will remain one of the most respectable colours for Me.
This gospel, which I now will preach to you, will only be kept pure with you. You will become My pre-apostle for your black brothers and sisters! However, within a short time I will send to you a post-helper, who will guide you to a very fortunate land in your region and will teach you agriculture and other useful arts, which are of a great necessity for the life on this earth.
In this to you still totally foreign country, you will be a contented and happy nation and will preserve the purity of My word and My teaching. Woe those, who will try to look for you during later times, to make you suffer and subjugate you; against them I Myself will pick up the raging sword and slay them to the last man! And as such you blacks should live in an isolated, very large corner always as a free nation until the end of times.
However, should you in future disagree among each other - what must remain a possibility for the sake of your freedom -, the mighty among you will make themselves kings, will torment you with hard laws, and your golden freedom will for a long time or even forever come to an end! Then your children will live in great suffering and long for redemption; but they will have to wait for it for a very long time. Therefore organize yourself in such a way, so that no kings arise among you - except those, like yourself! Since you are not a suppresser, but a true joy-maker for your people, and this is also inside My order, and this is how it should remain with you!"