Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 186 -
The black man asks for assurance about the sojourn of the Lord.

ays I: "I already have told you, that it is of little or no use to you, if I told you: 'I am it!' or: 'I am not it!' That you must in anyway find by yourself; and this you can do quite easily, since you have no shortage of the spirit. Just think what is possible for people and what is impossible for them! Didn't you noticed anything, or didn't you have noticed anything at yourself or with somebody else?"
Said the black: "As I have noticed earlier, - except that we, with entering this land, simultaneously were able to speak your tongue, nothing unusual occurred to me; I speak openly and clearly! When I came here, for the first moment a few things appeared so to speak miraculous to me; but the longer I stay here, the more natural you all occur to me.
The language is therefore the only thing bordering a miracle, however, it can be, as I have remarked earlier, quite natural, although an unexplainable special property of this country. Since I have experienced similar occurrences during my travels through the large country of Egypt: we met with Romans and Greeks; they spoke their tongue, and we understood them quite well and could also converse with them. With talking it did not went so easily like here; but this can be a result of the composition of the country, its air or odour!
As fundamentally very simple people, we are much more receptive for all kind of appearances and impressions. As such we can see the souls of the dead, also those, who, according to their own confession, never had carried a body. These nature souls can also be recognized, in that they suddenly can change their form and dissolve in all kind of smaller beings, and again pull together back in a human form, which is a phenomena that we have never observed with souls of our dead brothers and sisters.
We asked the wise governor in Memphis, if he has seen such with his own eyes. But he said: This were only a property of very simple and elementary nature people, who do not know any artificial life even by name. With him and the Egyptians it never has happened. So now and then isolated cases occur, but so undetermined and so unexplainable as possible, while with us everything is defined, natural and therefore also explainable.
From that it also is quite explainable, how we could so quickly understand and speak a complete foreign language. If you, most elated person of all persons, consider this, you with your most outstanding wisdom will realize, how during our short stay here, nothing unusual has been noticed by us, from which we irrefutable could infer, that we with great certainty have already reached the place, which I have seen in my vision.
A lot corresponds with it: at the shores of a small inland sea and a fisher house build against the mountain; a lot of people of high standing and reputation; also you, in all seriousness, have a lot in common with the beyond all concepts shining person, which I have seen seven times in my vision with the highest delight. But this light person made everything happen through his word; he spoke it, - and it was there! Heaven and earth was under his control, and uncountable crowds waited for his signs!
Now, most elated person of all persons, this is surely not the case here! I found here in you, just like two years ago with the governor in Memphis, rather good and wise people, - but from that what I expected, until now I have found nothing and therefore ask you, if I have came to the right place or not. If you say yes, I will believe it and stay; since your word is perfectly sufficient for me, since you are in every case a deep wise person. However, if you say no, or doesn't say again nothing, we will start with our journey back home and get our herds back, which we left behind in exchange for gold and silver in Memphis according to the recommendation of the wise governor, as well as the unused sum, which the governor has loaned to us for leaving the herd, but of which he had the use in the mean time.
You, most elated person of all persons, can see, that I and all of us, irrespective the fact that our flesh is not adorned with a white skin, are not false nor sly; we all are searching for the full truth, which is of the only importance to us, and we have the living hope, to find it either here or anywhere else! Are we therefore at the right place, confirm such, and with pleasure we will do everything, whatever you ask from us!"
Say I to Raphael: "Go and give them a sign, so that they can know, where they are!"
Raphael immediately goes to the black (Oubratouvishar) and says: "Friend, what is it that you have left behind in your fatherland, for what you wanted to return when in Memphis, to go and fetch it? You wanted to give it to the governor as a special present for all the troubles he had with you, and therefore have wrapped in fresh linens, but afterwards forgot about it because of your hurried departure, namely in a corner of your hut, where it still lies. If you wish, I bring it to you in one moment! Speak, - as you wish, it will happen!"
Says the black: "Not to convince me that I have been at the right place - because already thereby, that you have told me, what I have forgotten at home, I know, that I'm at the right place, since such only a omni seeing eye of God can see -, but you would do me quite a good favour; since on my way back, I want to make the governor happy, since he is a great friend of rare forms of nature! Actually, the whole thing can have no other value than an imagined value, but certainly not a real value! Nevertheless, it is most beautiful!"
Here Raphael gives the in linen wrapped, beautiful form of nature, to the black and asks him if this is the right item.
At this opportunity the black nearly fainted and screams, saying: "Yes, this is it, this it is! But how possibly could you bring this jewel here, since you have not left for one moment my presence?! Have you stolen it from me as a young, courageous Egyptian, in service of the governor, in a for me incomprehensible clever manner? Did you actually a year ago have secretly followed us, when we returned from Memphis back home, up to my hut and has remembered the location of my hut?
Yes, but why all these my stupid questions?! A few moments before our departure I was holding it in my hands, but while packing my camel and getting together my herd, I placed it in a corner of my hut and covered it with a pumpkin shell! With getting together the herd and packing the camel, I forgot about the beautiful natural statue; you could not have stolen it from me! You obviously have collected it; but - how, how, how is this possible for you, a person from visible flesh and blood?! Since here, there and again here was a quickest moment! This is an action that is only possible for a God! You are either a God yourself or a true servant of him!"
Says Raphael: "Not the first, but certainly the second! However, see, when collecting your beautiful natural statue, I still forgot something, namely the pumpkin shell with which you have covered your little jewel! But you should have it as well! - See, here it is! Put your little jewel in it and reveal it to us; since there are many here who want to see your found treasure!"