Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 185 -
The residence of the Nubians in Egypt.

(Oubratouvishar: The governor:) "'And now we want to go out to the place, which I will show you where you can stay! At the same time I will provide a guard for you for the whole period of your stay here, who will keep the bad people away from you; because they would not make a lot of it to destroy you to the ground, and this physically and morally. I do not ask you if you have understood me completely; since I know that you have understood me well and in future will understand me even better!'
Upon these words the governor gave a sign by hitting a strong resounding metal plate, and like a miracle a large number of armed men of dark brown colour appeared and the governor gave them instructions in a to us foreign tongue, which we did not understood. But when the truly good governor noticed my uneasiness, he comforted me by explaining to me, what he had spoken to the armed men. It was about our best possible protection against the obtrusiveness local spoiled inhabitants of the city, whom he regarded not as people anymore.
One of the leaders of the guards, who was dressed nearly the same as our friend who showed us the way, remarked to the governor, that the otherwise rich grass land was a place full of snakes and adders, on which no person or cattle could live.
Said the governor: 'Spoiled people including their cattle of course not; but these are still real primordial people, who are still true masters of all of nature and its creatures of whichever nature! They will not only not harm them, but they will, together with their brood, leave this otherwise most beautiful place immediately. And you as their guards will not have the slightest problems with this vermin, of this you can be fully assured of! - But now, bring me twenty-two leather band shoes, which we will give to these unspoiled people, so that they do not unnecessarily hurt their feet on our sharp sandy soil!'
Soon the shoes arrived. Me and my servant immediately received the most comfortable shoes; on instructions of our governor the other twenty were taken to our companions by four of the guards, and when they also had put on the shoes, they were asked by the guards to follow them to the new grass land. But the governor, I and my servant and the other guards walked through many streets to the place outside the city, where the beautiful grass land was situated, fully covered with the best grass, many dates and figs and oranges and a lot of other fruit. But I also could see that the land was visited very little by other people; since from quite a distance we could hear the rushing sound of countless rattle snakes.
Soon afterwards also my companions with the large herds and camels arrived. When they arrived at the field, they did not wait until the vermin fled before us and our herds, but without the slightest fear took possession of the land and its fruit, immediately walked across the large pasture, and all vermin fled to the Nile to such an extend that for half an hour long the surface of the Nile was covered with vermin; also four Nile dragons fled before my companions and our herds.
The governor also explained this phenomena to the guards assigned to us and said, that they could, without any fear, go with us to all parts of the field; since he was fully convinced that already for the first night they will not find a single adder or snake on the whole field. And it was so: Already after an hour in the evening, the pasture was cleaned from any vermin of whatever nature.
On the other side of the Nile we could see whole herds of Egyptian sheep fleeing from the pursuing poisonous emigrants, and the shepherds were fleeing with the herds. The shepherds screamed terribly, nevertheless escaped onto a Nile bridge; but the herd suffered damages, - since quite a few lambs were caught by the large beasts and were consumed. There were also masses of rabbits on the other side, which were also surprised by the unexpected visit; since many of the young were consumed by the creeping beasts.
The guards took note of the earlier inaccessible nicest dates, figs and oranges, and also of the most beautiful roscize (Johannes bread), which was generally used for camel food.
The captain of the guards said to the governor: 'Honour Isis and Osiris! Finally we also can harvest here, what was not the case since human memory!'
But the governor said: 'The harvest for a full year will belong to those, who cleaned this field; only what they allow you to take, you can take, but not a single leave from a tree unilaterally! In addition refrain from calling to your trifle land gods in front of these highly unspoiled people; since among you is not one whom I did not teach the only true God! Stay with Him, but certainly no Isis and also no Osiris, nor Apis anymore! Because all this is and will for ever be nothing!'
After this the governor said to me: 'As you now can see for yourself, you have been supplied with everything with the help of the Highest! I will leave you now, but tomorrow with the first crack of dawn I will be with you again; then I will give you the right lessons, here in the great, open temple of the Highest! And what you have learned from me, you will also pass on to your companions! And now keep well under the protection of the Highest!'
With these words he returned to the city. He had to enjoy for quite some time already a great respect from the Egyptian people; since whoever met him, bowed to the ground before him. But he pretended not noticing any of the homage, but went, as if deeply in thoughts, quickly straight his way.
When the sun had set, many onlookers came from the city; but nobody dared to come closer than twenty steps towards the infamous snake field. Some called to us to leave the field, otherwise we would inevitably suffer the greatest harm. However, the guard pushed the curios back and explained to them that there was no danger anymore, since through our secret powers all the poisonous vermin had swam across the Nile.
Thereupon the curios people went back and we attended to our herds, which gave us this evening so much of the best and most nutritious milk, that we were not able to consume it all. We asked the guards if they also drink milk. They confirmed this with joy and we gave them so much milk that they also were not able to enjoy anymore of it. The considerable rest we poured in containers which we brought along, to make cheese.
For a whole year we lived here and have learned a lot from the good governor, namely with regard to the true recognition of the most highest God being. With the greatest friendliness we were allowed to depart after a year and returned happily to our country.
Soon afterwards I had my visions, immediately arranged for a caravan and only wanted to travel to Memphis, to inform the governor about my visions. But he already knew about you, most Elated, and showed the way to here, showed me the very wide way to Alexandria and entrusted me to an expert skipper, who brought us here. He also gave me a translator, but whom I did not take with me.
Now you know, most elated person of all persons, how I came to my little wisdom; but now tell me with certainty that I am standing at the right place, or if I have to move on! Since I cannot stay for long, because my way home is quite far."