Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 163 -
The fourfold meaning of the Mosaic history of Creation.

(The Lord:) "See, Moses must be read in this manner and also understood in the natural mind! Of course there exists a deeper, inner, pure spiritual meaning, according to which the whole of Genesis must mainly be comprehended as God's business to develop man, so that they recognizes and love each other and Him as their everything. In this sphere God walks with Adam spiritually and teaches him, gives him laws, punishes him if he transgresses, and again blesses him, if Adam or in general the first primordial mankind of this earth recognizes God, loves Him and walks in His Order.
Even if this did not take place too much in the physical world, it nevertheless happened spiritually, and this also with very pure, unspoiled and extremely simple people as well as quite visibly natural. One can therefore read Moses even four-fold and always understand him quite well.
First: purely on a physical level, from which one can recognize a necessary coming to be in certain periods according to the everlasting unchanging order of God. From that all physical scientist can replenish their minds and draw their impossibly otherwise than extremely shallow conclusions; along that road they can discover quite a lot, but thereby will never reach a firm and steady ground.
Secondly: physically and spiritually mixed. This likewise highly truthful sphere is suited best for the people who strive to please God, since there both take place hand in hand, clear in the deed, and becomes visible and comprehensible in appearance. (Nota bene: In this manner also the 'Household of God' is given.)
Thirdly: pure spiritually, whereby not the slightest consideration is given to the physical appearances and its temporary steadiness and changes. There only the spiritual development of man is referred to, which Moses quite pointedly has presented with corresponding figurations from nature. All God-wise people, to whom the inner education of people is entrusted, have to understand this.
And finally, fourthly: pure heavenly, where the Lord is all in all and everything is in relation to Him. However, how this must be understood, you cannot comprehend until you have become one with Me through the full rebirth of your spirit, as also I am one with the Father in heaven, however with the difference, that you all will become one with Me as separate individuals, while I and the Father, who is My love, are perfectly one with each other as a forever inseparable personality.
I now hope from you, dear Cyrenius, that you have a better opinion about Moses; or do you still think that Moses - according to your interpretation like a blind man - did not know what he wrote?!"
Says Cyrenius quite contritely: "Lord, let me feel completely embarrassed and be very quiet and dumb; since I already realize my great and coarse stupidity. From now on I just want to listen but not speak one word anymore!"
Comes Cornelius to Me and says: "Lord, now, before the sun will be up entirely, allow also me to speak a little word and to perhaps ask a not too unimportant question or actually make a remark!"
Says I: "Just go ahead; whatever is bothering you, must come out!"
Continues Cornelius: "With the scriptures of Moses it will certainly be as You have now given us the most clear explanation about it, and we humans probably would be able to decipher the first, second and third sense by corresponding considerations; since there must exist correspondence between all spiritual and physical. But who, except You, has the right key for that?
That, what You now have explained to us, we understand of course quite well; but as far as I know, Moses has written five books. They have more or less the same style and the same spirit. Who can read and understand them? Now, would it not be possible to give us just a kind of general instructions? Because I for my part will from now on keep myself busy mainly with the Holy Scriptures of the Jews, since I was able to obtain a good copy from the temple, but I also want to understand what I read therein.
I am also completely fluent with the Hebrew language and fully understand the words of the scriptures; but what use are to me the words and its material meaning, if I cannot fathom the spirit thereof?! Therefore, o Lord, give us some instructions therein, so that we can understand what we read!"