Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 162 -
The creation of Adam and Eve.

ays I: "Your remark about Moses is not that bad, if measured with the scale of the actual world mind; but judged by the mind of the spirit, Moses is something entirely different as what it seems to you according to the letter of the word. By the way, according to the letter of the word, the preceding text does not differ too much from the after text, as you imagine; since the after text rather comments on the preceding text and describes the manner - although in an actual spiritual corresponding manner - more closely in which the creation of man has proceeded.
The way coming-into-being should be understood in the natural sense, I already have explained, even to night, as far as it is necessary for you to understand. And Mathael who is quite familiar with the science of correspondence, has explained to you a day ago, how the scriptures of Moses should be understood; and I must again make to you, My friend Cyrenius, the remark, that you truly has a very short memory! I already have a while ago invigorated your memory, so that you, if you really want to, can move a bit more freely therein; with your doubts regarding the creation of man according to Moses, in a correctional manner I want to add that much, so that you and also a few others, can learn from it, how things are really standing with this matter.
See, everything that Moses is saying with his genesis and actually wants to say, refers foremost only to the upbringing and spiritual development of the first humans in general, and only by correspondence also to the very first human couple.
By the way, Adam's body has been formed and created according to My will and determined order, as I have showed you right now, from the ether particles of the finest clay of the earth; after becoming full of experience by My will and once has reached that particular strength, by which with him a most intensive outer life sphere must have formed, and when he at one stage, tired by work and travelling, fell into a deep sleep, the time has come, to place a nature soul composed of all the levels in nature familiar to you, into the outer life sphere of Adam.
This soul, being present in the outer life sphere, immediately began to form from these for her very lovely outer life particles of Adam, or from the richest life mist, like still today some souls of dead people are doing, if they want to appear to people for a few moments, a corresponding body according to My will and My order, and completed it within three days.
When Adam awoke, full of amazement and full of joy he saw his image beside him, which of course was very fond of him and had to be, because bodily it originated from his being.
However, in the area of his heart he felt as if something was pressurizing him, but quite pleasantly, at times he also felt an emptiness - this was the beginning of sexual love - and he could never separate himself from the image, which caused him so much pleasure. Wherever he went, the wife followed him, and wherever the wife went, he surely could not let her go alone. He felt the value of the wife and her love and therefore said in a clairvoyant moment: 'We, I as a man and you as a woman, grown from my rib (area of the heart) according to God's plan, are therefore one flesh and one body; you are my life's most lovely part, and so it will be, and the man will leave father and mother (the man's seriousness and his worries) and will hang on to his wife!'
But where it says that God covered the part of Adam with flesh, where he took his rib, hopefully nobody of you will be as stupid to assume, that God really wounded Adam by taking away a rib, so that from this a large woman can be formed. The ribs are an outer, firm defensive shield for the soft, inner life organs.
When David said: 'God, our firm castle and a strong shield!', is God then really a steady castle build with bricks, or a large, metal shield?!
The same applies to the rib of which Eva has originated! She, the rib, is only a sign for the issue; but the issue is the inner, mighty love life of Adam. And the rib, as the shield for this life, was used by Moses in his scriptures for the following reason: first, since it protects the life and therefore, being the outer shield for the life, it also represents it figuratively; secondly, later on a good, loyal and dear-good wife can also be regarded as a protection, shield and screen of the life of the man and can therefore also very pointedly in a corresponding manner be regarded as a rib of the man; and thirdly, the outer life ether is also a most powerful protection of the inner soul nature life, without no human could live longer then ten moments.
Now this Eva, according to its tender bodily being, has originated from the exceedingly abundant outer life ether of Adam; and since this life ether arises from the area of the ribs and pit of the chest and afterwards surrounding a person in all directions for a considerable distance, Moses could, who had a fluent use of the corresponding figurative language, quite rightly let Eva originate from the rib of Adam and let God cover the wound with the flesh of Eva. Since Eva actually was the flesh which originated from the outer life sphere of Adam and with which God replaced the missing outer life sphere of Adam and thereby covered the wounded place with the to him most pleasant flesh of Eva, which was in fact also a flesh of Adam."