Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 147 -
The reasons for warmth and cold.

ays Mathael: "Lord, this one will apparently be myself! Since in all seriousness I still have a little thing in the background, which, despite all my sharp thinking, I cannot make sense of!"
Says I: "Yes, yes, you are the one; let us know what bothers you!"
Continues Mathael: "When I and my father went from our house together with the young Lazarus towards Bethania and saw the large light appearance on our way, we felt at the same time a considerable warmth. But when the light phenomenon disappeared, together with the sudden total darkness it became very cold, so that I started to shiver through and through. The reason for this coldness I cannot figure out; if it pleases You, o Lord, I would like to know the reason of it!"
Says I: "Now, the reason for it is so close you could almost step with your feet on it! If you rub two pieces of wood against each other, they will get warm, heat up and finally ignite and start to burn. Why does this happen? Because the nature-life-spirits inside the cells and organs are awakened and excited from their dumb and dull state in a too forceful manner into a heavy individual vibrating movement, and start to show a light and fire, whereby the still sluggish adjacent spirits are also getting excited and finally all nature-life-spirits in the most excited movement vibrating or straight said, igniting. If the excitement or the burning comes to an end, all the nature-life-spirits are quickly cooling down; the more violently the excitement is activated, the quicker the fatigue of the nature-spirits, together with rest and with coldness.
A glowing piece of wood or a glowing coal is even in its most strongest burning state not nearly as warm as an equally glowing piece of metal. The reason for it is, that the nature-spirits inside the metal have the ability to become much more excited than those in the wood; but if the coal and the metal are cooling down at the same surrounding temperature, the metal will cool down quicker than the coal and in the completely cooled down state it will feel significantly colder than the completely cooled down piece of coal.
If on a summer day it is very hot and muggy, the nature-life-spirits start to move, and this increasingly mightier movement also generates the increasing warmth and mugginess. If this becomes greater or more intensive, it is the result of the said spirits who start to press against another and soon become visible even to the flesh eye in the form of fog and clouds.
But how at such opportunity the clouds are become denser and denser, is known to you, also how finally lightening will originate in the clouds and how it will start to heavily rain and sometimes even to hail, which is the effect of the peace-spirits with whom you are already familiar with.
The more violent and brighter during a storm the lightening is, the colder the air will become afterwards, - which is the result of the excited nature-spirits coming to rest, to which they are of course forced by the mighty peace spirits. It was the same with your great, mighty light phenomenon, and because of the same reason it became quite cold afterwards. - Are you also clear in that now?"
Says Mathael: "Lord, I thank you for this clarification; I'm also clear in that!"