Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 146 -
The miraculous little medicinal plant. The nature of light and darkness, of good and evil.

(The Lord:) "But for now lets again return our cauldron of poison wherein a thousand pieces of poisonous plants are cooking! See, ten- or for that matter a hundred thousand of such medicinal plant will not be able to detoxicate this cauldron full of poisonous tea! But on this earth, on the Indian High Alps and also at the Sinai, grows a very small plant and only a very small piece of it, about the size of an average blade of grass, if thrown into the cauldron full of poison, it would change in an instant all the poison into the most wholesome remedial tea!
'How is this possible?' would you, wise Stahar, ask quite surprised now. And I say to you, that this takes place in a very natural way. How, will in all clearness explained to you and all the others right now.
See, if it is really pitch black dark in a moonless stormy night, it will appear to you if the whole of infinity is equally dark. This darkness, which is at least for the time being a deadly poison for the light of the eyes, because it robs the eyes of its ability to see, can be removed in an instant by the smallest spark of light from the sun and turned into a bright light.
Can you already gauge where this is going to? You can gauge and feel, but you certainly cannot know for sure! Since you cannot know this, therefore listen!
How can a spark of sunlight scare away the whole darkness, and why is it without the light in the first place darkness? The air consist out of the same spirits during the darkest night time as well as the brightest day!
Once the sun has set, the nature-life-spirits soon come to rest, each one specifically for itself, and since they rest in themselves and their light little shells do not vibrate, the eye of the flesh do not detect their presence and being, and the tangible result for the flesh eye is the dark, lightless night.
You of course say, that the wind also blows at night and therefore the nature-life-spirits do not rest! O, you are mistaken and do not have an idea of the inner specific movement of a nature-spirit! The wind surely moves at night and therefore also the nature-life-spirits are moving, - but not an individual movement in themself, but only a general movement in a certain direction, forced by a higher standing spirit. If however at a certain point a nature-spirit or an entire, large society of nature spirits, which are those fire tongues that you and all present here have seen, excited to an extraordinary internal vibrating movement, it will at that location become extremely bright and light for the eye and this moment is an indication of seizing each other and that something is created.
However, in such a moment an uncountable number of nature-life-spirits in the widest vicinity are also excited, and it becomes light and brightness in the whole surrounding. The more the neighbourly spirits are excited by the active vibrative nature-spirit sphere, the brighter the light of the whole surrounding, and in this way a whole crowd of spirits who seized each other also have a similar striving; and the light of the sun delivers through its productive force and influence on world bodies, which are sufficiently close by, the most speaking proof.
The free nature-life-spirits on the planets are not the only ones who are excited by the sunlight to create something, but also those in free ether space; since often things originate by such seizing-each-other of the free nature-life-spirits, of which your wisdom could never have dreamt about.
But as you have seen now, that a single spark of light according to the power of sunlight can instantly turn a tremendously large dark space into a bright light, in the same manner the said little medicinal herb can turn a large cauldron full of poisonous tea into a wholesome drink, because the nature-life-spirits in the small medicinal herb are too intensive active in the right order and therefore are able to force the more sluggish and unorderly spirits of the poisonous plant instantly into an orderly activity.
It is the same with the influence of a truly life-perfected person - for once on his neighbours but also on the still free nature-life-spirits in a wide surrounding.
Actually good and well-arranged people will under more and less good influence also act good, and the less good will have quite salutary herbs in them. But if these only naturally quite good people come among ground-bad, evil and playful people, who carry their evil hairs on their teeth, they will easily get spoiled as well, since their inner life ordering strength cannot offer them any counterbalance; but if a person is perfected in himself, he resembles the small medicinal herb in the large cauldron with the poisonous tee and the little sunlight spark in the wide night space.
If you also have considered this properly, you will finally fully understand, how all evil among the people on this earth does not come from the wrath and revenge of God, but only from the order of life of the people, just as the good often originates from one single perfected person.
And since I have brought you on the right path by this instructive manner, it is again up to you, to ask Me about something else, which could be foreign to you regarding the dying story of the old Lazarus. - One of you still have a small question in the background; he should tell us!"