Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 140 -
On foolish questions.

ays Cyrenius: "Lord, we all cannot thank you enough for this infinitively great lesson which You have given to us all, and I do now understand an enormously lot more! Also from the last appearance, which viceroy Mathael once more gave us from his rich experience, there is nothing unclear to me; only the two or three great and mighty angel spirits who received Lazarus, I'm still completely unfamiliar regarding their status! Perhaps we could at least know their sanctified names, and what are the perhaps more detailed circumstances regarding the teaching to the children during his later appearance. The history was otherwise quite unusual, although I, frankly said, would be very pleased to know, how and where the body of the old Lazarus was buried and what became later of the little rabbi. Also a closer explanation of the famous Farn herb oil would not be undesirable. Would You, o Lord, give us some further details about it?"
Says I: "But friend, these are just quite unimportant side issues, which existence we, regarding the main matter, can accept as absolutely not necessary, since it does not have anything to do with it and nearly bears no relationship! What lies in the empty names of the angel spirits who met Lazarus?! They did not need a travel document according to law, neither any worldly protective court. To what use would the names to you?! But since you are insisting, they were the archangels Zuriel, Uriel and deep in the background also Michael in the form of John the Baptist, of whom Zinka has told us a lot.
But there were also many other spirits present, which Mathael could not see, since they, as still completely pure spirits, cannot be seen with the eyes of the soul, but only with the eyes of the purest spirit himself - an ability which Mathael never owned. Then, what lies in the burial of the body of Lazarus, what about the Farren herb oil which alleviates rigid cramps and kills the worms in the stomach if it is real; if it is not real it has no effect whatsoever! Therefore lets leave it at that what is only very little or no use at all to us, and see to it to extend our recognition and knowledge with only spiritual matters!
Ask therefore rather about something spiritual, still out of the spiritual sphere of what Mathael has seen, instead of things which are just as insignificant to the spirit as the snow which has covered the wild fields of the earth a thousand years before Adam! What matter is and how it originated, exists and still originates, has already made tangible clear to you, and as such we only have to worry about spiritual things. Of what use are all the knowledge and science of the whole world to man, if he does not recognizes himself up to the deepest root of life, in particular in his soul and his spiritual life and sphere of existence?!
Will he ever can become truly happy, even when owning all earthly goods, if he from time to time has to ask himself and says: 'What will become after death about me? Will I continue to live with a conscience, or will it be over with me forever?' If the fearing questioner does not obtain a satisfying answer, either from someone who is more experienced or even less so out of his own dark world life chamber in which never has penetrated a spiritual light of truth, - what then? Will the serious questioner, no matter how rich a man, enjoy his great treasures and wealth? With only a little conscience of love for life, certainly not! Since what use can it be to man, if he earned all the treasures of the earth, but suffers damage to his soul?
Therefore lets rid ourselves what can be destroyed by rust and moth! Only what is of the spirit, remains unaltered forever; however everything belonging to matter is often subject to countless changes until it has reached the state of the spiritual. Therefore ask about the spirit and the soul but never about anything earthly!"