Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 116 -
The nature and activity of the nature spirits.

ays Jarah: "Who would have searched for so much wisdom in these aery little men?! Nevertheless, basically I'm very glad that they moved on again; since in time they would have made us quite some trouble, although it seems that their nature is quite cold. It seems that there is not much love in them; but they certainly know how to distinguish right from wrong. What will become of these beings if they do not want to make the way through the flesh?"
Says I: "At one stage they will go through it; but it will still take a long time, until they decide to do it. The light blue ones earliest, the others not before long!
Because the souls who originated and still daily are originating from nature of this earth, are very difficult to decide to do it; only many experiences and a lot of recognitions and from this emerging the best hope, is what motivates them, after having come to the certain realisation, that by way of the flesh they never can loose anything, but only profit a lot, and in the worst case can again become what they are now.
These nature souls live mostly in the mountains, but also go to the residences of simple, poor and unsophisticated people and do good to them; they just don't have to be offended. In such a case it is not good holding a meal with them.
Secretly they also visit schools and learn a lot from people. To the miners they quite often show the best and richest metal deposits. On the Alps they serve the shepherds and the animals; they just don't have to be offended.
There are still quite a few of such nature spirits living on this earth, who nearly have reached five times the age of Methusalem and still not made the way through the flesh. They would accept everything else, - just the loss of recollection mainly prevents them, since they view this as a kind of death of their current being.
Now you also now this, what are the circumstances of these beings. Now pay attention to other things which will present itself.
Says for a change our old Kisjonah from Kis: "O Lord, a few weeks ago when You mercifully stayed at my house, what great and elated things did I not have seen and heard! But everything that has taken place and what I have heard and seen during the past few days of my presence here, nobody in the entire Galilee could have dreamt about! Lord, forgive, that I dared with my clumsy mouth to interrupt You in anything! Since one should here never say a word, but only listen and watch; and if one does not understand something immediately, one should just be a little patient and the explanation will follow by itself! - I already have finished speaking!"
Says I: "O, just keep on speaking and asking, My dearest friend Kisjonah, since the speech of your mouth sounds exceedingly pleasant in the ears of My heart; because the sound of humility is with Me by far the most beautiful harmony.
Yesterday during the day you also have listened to the marvellous tone, which My angel Raphael sang; but nevertheless, how heavenly beautiful this tone sounded, the purest sound of true humility is in My ears incomparable more marvellous!
You are also a right man according to My heart, and during the winter I will stay in your house, and there will be ample opportunity to enlighten you and your whole house about a few issues. Keep on be of good courage, and observe everything very carefully, the explanations will not stay behind!"
Says Kisjonah: "O Lord, I'm surely not in the least worthy for such great generosity, but such a winter will be the most blessed time for me! O, what great joy will there be in my house! But now not a single word over my lips!"
Says Cyrenius: "Then I also will from time to time become a resident of your house and will contribute to provide for the poor of the whole area in an appropriate manner!"
Says Kisjonah: "High ruler, that will be very nice of you and it will be a great pleasure for me! But I beg you, no further interruptions for now; since wonders over wonders are floating past us, and we observe them with too little attention!"