Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 114 -
A view into the world of nature spirits.

ays I: "See, for this purpose I have asked for this our light ball to be brought here from the deepest middle of Africa, to without so to speak miracles, disclose to you along a for you until now completely unknown more natural way, the nature spirit world.
The light of this stone has the property, to influence the life nerves of the pit of the stomach to such an extend, that the soul pulls her eyesight thereto after a prolonged exposure to this light, and thereby starts to see herself even the most concealed things. Your sight will now be completely moved thereto, and thus you will see better with closed eyes than with the widest open eyes of the flesh.
For some people also the moon has the same effect, however, never in such a high and powerful degree as the light of this very rock. Just close your eyes and convince yourself, if you can't see better with the pit of your stomach than with your natural eyes!"
Upon these My words all closed their eyes and were completely surprised about the most sharpest eyesight of the soul through the pit of the stomach.
Only Mathael and his four companions said: "This wondrous way of seeing is not foreign to us at all; since in this manner we often saw the strangest things and often walked over places, over which in a natural awakened state no mortal could ever cross without the most severe fall, and at the same time we saw all the air, as well as the waters of the seas and lakes, rivers and streams always filled densely with all kind of strange grimaces and larvae, which moved quickly then slowly in all known directions through the air; they also floated up and down, turned slowly, sometimes quite swiftly in circles. Some sat, so to speak, like snow flakes on the surface of the earth and some quickly crept into the furrows; some were absorbed by the plants like dew, others by the soil, and still others by all kind of rocks.
Those creeping into the soil and absorbed by the plants- and mineral world, did not appeared again; however, where any tree or herb or something animal-like decomposed, initially they rose looking like a light, gleaming smoke of all kind of new entities, who soon seized each other by the hundreds of thousands and melted into an already quite well developed form.
Once the form was completed, it did not take long, that this form, with some sort of an own consciousness started to move and acted like a dog who searches for something and whose nose has picked up scent.
Normally we saw those beings floating towards herds of sheep, goats and cattle. Once they reached such, they stayed among them; and when mating took place, to which it seemed they encouraged the animals, they were again absorbed by the animals who were mating, like a dew by somewhat dried out gras, and did not appear again.
Many of these forms also moved quickly towards waters and swam easy gliding for some time on the surface. Some dived purposefully into the water; some crowed together in a misty mass and after forming a new form, which not seldom resembled a water animal, they disappeared under the surface.
However, the oddest thing of all, we saw how thousands of grimaces, larvae and forms rose from the water, and they had a similar form of all kind of flying insects, as well as of small and large birds of any kind. They had quite good developed wings, legs and other limbs; but they did not used them like the birds, but everything just hang on them, and they floated more than fluff or flakes in the air. Only when a swarm of real birds flew close to them, one saw real animated movement of these misty larvae and forms; they then moved along with the swarm and were in a short time sort of consumed by it.
But from above we always saw like a bright dust raining down, sometimes more, sometimes less dense, and there was a lot to see especially above the surface of waters. If one had a closer look at this dust, one could also find some sort of form in it, which resembled either small eggs or extremely small water animals, and this dust was also immediately consumed by the water.
O, a lot could be told if one had the time for it! But what we saw earlier in our unfortunate state, we see now again with really closed eyes, and this sight awakens in us the memory, which calls to us loudly: 'All this you have seen every evening and every night for many years!' Sometimes, during rather murky autumn days, we had the same visions, but of course we did not knew what to make of it, and what was its origin, and what it was! To You, o Lord, all honour, all love, all thanks and all adoration therefore!"