Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 113 -
The calling to the inner word.

ays Cyrenius, asking: "Lord, if for hearing Your holy word for later on in the spirit, only those who in a certain way even bodily and especially in their souls prepared are capable, it is of little use to the incapable, even if they have achieved the true rebirth of the spirit by a very austere life: they still will not be found worthy by Your mercy, to hear Your heart's word in their hearts! Since they cannot bear it, because they have not been prepared and made suitable for it by David. But I think that all people, irrespective if from above or from below, when living according to Your will, should also obtain the same abilities! The spirit who penetrates the soul and finally even their body, will certainly be capable to endure a word from You?!"
Says I: "Friend! You are a very dear, beloved and esteemed friend of Mine; but with your question you again have judged this matter like a blind about the most beautiful colours of the rainbow. With such your judgements I could be quite astonished that the limbs of your body have not already a long time ago started a revolution against your head, because they are not equipped with the same abilities with what your head can boast.
Your feet on their own are deaf and must despite being poorly equipped do the most difficult job. Your hands must outwardly execute your will and must do this and that but still do not have the eyes to see the beautiful light, and no ear to listen to the marvellous harmony of song; they also do not have any smell nor any taste to taste the spicy appealingness of life! Do you think that those limbs are worse off compared to the head?
Or could not a thorn hedge complain against grapes and say: 'What did I do wrong that I are not allowed to receive the mercy, so that also I for a change can boast with marvellous grapes?!'
Do you still don't know, that everything is precisely calculated by Me and that everything has its destination?! As it stands with the different limbs of your body, that each with its own abilities serves all other limbs, it is the same with all kinds of abilities of people and can be serving each other in a useful manner, and this is actually what causes the highest bliss of life.
If your head and your heart are cheerful, also all other limbs will be cheerful and happy; but if only the smallest limb ails, then the cheerfulness and happiness of the head and heart and all other, on their own completely healthy limbs, is gone! All are sad for the sake of one and will do everything to help the one limb and cure it again.
It is certainly a beautiful occupation, to own the ability, to hear the voice of My love, to write it down to convey it to those who lack this ability, if they are thirsty for it; but it is a similar beautiful ability of the heart, to hold on to the heard in the heart and to live accordingly. If it has brought a person who originates from below, to the rebirth of the spirit, he will surely find the best allotted reward for it and will just as little complain against the one with the ability to receive the word, like ever any of your small fingers has complained that it does not have an eye of your head! - Tel Me if you are satisfied with My answer!"
Says Cyrenius: "Lord, - more than perfect! I will not come to You with such a highly stupid question again! Your mercy can now completely undisturbed let us see something!"