Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 102 -
Thoughts and their realization.

ays I: "Nothing easier then that! I already have shown you, how every person must walk the path of the law, if he wants to reach the freedom and independence of his being and his life. But if a law exists which has been given to man like from outside, there also must be stimulus in man to transgress it with ease and joy, even if only for a moment, instead of following it strictly. In this way all spirits were called into existence by Me before all material creation, what and how, I already have shown to you, so that you must comprehend and understand it; since you yourself follow currently exactly the same order, if you want to create something.
First you make all kinds of thoughts; from those you then form ideas and forms. Once you have developed a certain form from the thoughts and ideas, it will be surrounded with a skin by the will, to give it permanence. Once it has come so far, it stays as a spiritual entity totally undestroyable, and you can always picture it whenever you want to picture it. But the longer you look at such an almost formal object, the more you are becoming inclined towards the formed and spiritually skin surrounded idea; there awakens love in you for this spiritual form. The love for it increases, it flames in your heart for it, and by the warmth of life and by the light of the flame of love, the now continuously better defined idea becomes in itself more and more developed, complete, more beautiful, and you start, from its increasingly greater perfection, to discover all kinds of usefulness of it, and take the decision, to transform the now more developed idea into an external work.
Initially you make drawings on parchment, and this for as long as the drawing completely resembles the already developed spiritual picture in yourself. If you do not find any differences between the drawing and the spiritual picture, you consult with experts, how this can be transformed into a real material work. And the experts think about it and soon find there way around the developed idea and say: 'This and that we need for it, the time of a few years, and so much it will cost!' You then set up a contract, the work will start, and within a few years your idea is standing before you and thousands of other people to look at, marvel about it and make use of it.
See, in this way you create your houses, tools, cities, castles, ships and thousands of other things! And just in the same manner I create the heavens, the worlds and everything what is in it and what it carries. The creation of a world of course takes more time, than it takes for you to build a hut, a house or to build anything else; since you already have the ready matter before you, - but I first have to create matter and take it from the most unalterable firmness of My will.
I also could create any matter immediately, yes even call a complete world ocean in a moment into being; but such a world would not have any prolonged permanence, since it has not been fed by Me sufficiently before reaching full maturity. Once a great world idea has become properly ripe in Me and has been fed by My love and wisdom, it will also become more and more intensified and will thereby become more and more permanent.
It is the same with you, wherever you have to do with the ready matter! A house which you have build in an emergency within one day, will surely not survive for a hundred and even less so for a thousand years! But with buildings, whereby in the beginning the formed idea has been ripened in you for a longer period of time and becoming continuously clearer by the reflection of your idea, about what is required to transform such a form into a most possible permanent and most perfect workable existence, then you will also create something durable like the pyramids, which already by now, as known to all educated mortals, are standing nearly for two-thousand years and weather all storms and will stand for more than four times their current age, externally only little weathered.
If the old pharaohs did not long enough thought about it, to build such buildings as preservative institutions for their secret arts and sciences, which should not be destroyed by the tooth of time during thousands of years, those pyramids would never stand as monuments of the primordial art of construction; but because the builders did nurture for years their once taken idea which was transformed into a full form and in this manner brought to maturity, it is therefore understandable why their idea transformed into matter, and still today fills the traveller with amazement.
Indeed, subsequently people learned to think quickly and were able to quickly develop out of the sum of their thoughts an idea, which was sometimes even quite complicated, and most often transformed it into reality; but since the idea was quick and easily developed, it was also quickly put into reality. The work however, was therefore very easy, and because of the insufficient pre maturing of the idea, the work soon became transient. In short, everything easy stays easy, and everything difficult stays difficult!"