Table of Contents



1. The center of gravity of the Earth
2. The heart of the Earth
3. The location and changeableness of the heart of the Earth
4. The nature of matter and its primordial spirits
5. The inner structure of the Earth
6. The centers of gravity and the fluids of the Earth
7. The nourishment and rotation of the Earth
8. The lungs and respiration of the Earth
9. The spleen of the Earth
10. The structure of the spleen and the preparation of the blood
11. The liver of the Earth
12. The kidneys of the Earth
13. The Earth as a man and a woman
14. The male-female procreation of the Earth
15. The general succession of living beings
16. The material and construction of the firm Earth
17. The fortification of the fluids of the Earth
18. The crust of the Earth
19. The feeling skin of the Earth
20. The nature and composition of the air
21. The effect of light upon the air
22. The twelve constellations and their effect
23. The Earth's atmosphere and precipitation
24. The eye of the Earth
25. The nature of fire
26. Appearances in the third region


27. The formation and purpose of matter
28. The spirits of the uppermost region of the air
29. The domicile of the pure spirits
30. The spirits of the second region of the air
31. The activities of the spirits in the second region of the air
32. The possession of matter by spirits
33. Nature spirits and human souls
34. Air spirits, mountain spirits, and wanderer spirits
35. The witch trials of old
36. Notorious names of bewitched mountains
37. The first, lowest region of the air
38. The governing spirits of the lower region of the air
39. The activity of the spirits in the interior of the Earth
40. Substance and matter, energy and material
41. God's work through spirits
42. The impressions of matter on the soul and spirit
43. Guardian spirits in the kingdom of nature
44. Mineral, plant, and animal
45. The composition of intelligence specifica in living beings
46. The boundaries among nature's kingdoms
47. The animal soul and her influence through spirits, and the development of the body
48. The influences of the spirits during the procreation of human beings
49. The development of the human fetus
50. The soul and spirit in a human being
51. Satana's soul
52. The law of the division of the soul
53. Satan's repatriation and redemption
54. Satana's nature and name
55. The importance of knowing evil
56. Phantoms and possession
57. Carnal and sensual pleasures
58. The devil of play and the rearing of children
59. The nature and consequences of anger
60. Fighting anger
61. Addiction to rank amongst arrogant humans
62. All kinds of human laments
63. Ceremonial ecclesiasticism
64. Dreams and their interpretation
65. Superstition
66. The Kingdom of God and rebirth
67. True and false prophets
68. The absolution of sins and iconolatry
69. Active faith