Biographical Gospel of the Lord

Table of Contents

  From the Time that Joseph Took Mary into His House
1. Joseph Takes Mary Into His House
2. Mary Spins For The New Temple Curtain
3. The Annunciation
4. Mary Entreats The Lord For Grace
5. A Prophecy Of The High Priest
6. Mary Discourses On The Just Life
7. Joseph Notices Mary's Pregnancy
8. Joseph Questions Mary
9. An Angel Witnesses To Joseph
10. An Informer Hastens Back To Jerusalem
11. The Effect Of The Death Sentence
12. The Decree Of Augustus Caesar
13. He Who Always Was Journeys To Bethlehem
14. See, There In The Hill Is A Cave
15. And Nature Stood Still
16. The Vision Of The Midwife
17. The Doubting Salome Is Forgiven
18. Peace On Earth, Good Will To Men
19. Cornelius Visits The Cave
20. Cornelius Sees A Great Light
21. Joseph Tells How God Respects Free Will
22. The Rising Of The New Spiritual Sun
23. Joseph And Mary Go To Jerusalem
24. The Baby Is Circumcised In The Temple
25. The Testimony Of A Prophetess
26. Nicodemus Beholds The Glory Of God
27. Away In A Manger, No Crib For His Bed
28. The Magi Are Received By Herod
29. A Stranger Star O'er Bethlehem
30. The Magi Worship The Baby
31. Joseph Tells Of God's Three Greatest Gifts
32. Joseph Reassures Cornelius
33. Preparations For The Flight To Egypt
34. The Journey To Tyre
35. The Melting Of The Idols
36. Joseph Vindicates Himself Before Cyrenius
37. A Golden Goblet Is Sublimed
38. In The Lowliness Of The World
39. The Mastery Of Grace Over Death
40. Mary's Wisdom Astonishes Cyrenius
41. The Voyage To Egypt
42. The Arrival In Ostracine
43. Cyrenius Buys A Villa
44. The Family's New Home
45. A Comparison With Israel In Egypt
46. Joseph Acquaints Cyrenius With Jewish History
47. The First Letter Of Cyrenius To Herod
48. The Second Letter Of Cyrenius To Herod
49. The Great Confrontation
50. The Prefect Of Jerusalem's Complicity
51. A Promise For Maronius Pilla
52. The Baby Speaks His First Words
53. The Roman Military Inspection
54. Cyrenius Dispels Joseph's Fears
55. Cyrenius Learns Wisdom From The Baby
56. Maronius Pilla Discards Some Pagan Views
57. The Full Confession Of Maronius
58. Joseph Renders A Verdict
59. A Prophecy Of Joseph Is Fulfilled
60. The Long Arm Of The Baby
61. Maronius Makes Some Wrong Conclusions
62. Joseph Discourses On The Brother-Eye
63. James Repents His Vain Curiosity
64. Joseph Counts God's Love As Man's Greatest Wealth
65. The Violent Storm
66. The Master Of The Storm
67. The Heathen Priests Demand A Sacrifice
68. The Martyrs Gain Time
69. The Sentence For The Priests
70. The Law Of Sacrifice
71. Vengeance Belongs To The Lord Alone
72. The Lion Of Judah
73. The Baby's Dictum To Cyrenius
74. The Pardon Of The Priests
75. The Sword Justified As A Shepherd's Staff
76. The True Mythology Of The Gods
77. The Reawakening Of The Seven Guides
78. The Strange Effects Of The Earthquake
79. A Judgment Is Avoided
80. The Lord Pinches Those Who Love Him
81. A Great Prophecy For Rome
82. Here Is More Than Isis
83. The Fear Of The Three Priests
84. The Mythology Of Ostracine
85. Anxiety Negates God's Help
86. The World Occasions No Loss For The Godly
87. A Psalm of David Enlightens The Three Priests
88. The Death And Reawakening Of Joel
89. A Penitent Heart The Only Acceptable Sacrifice
90. A Pagan Custom Is Rejected For The Lord's Table
91. Love - The Only True Prayer
92. Build Me A Temple in Your Hearts
93. A Blind Beggar Woman Regains Her Sight
94. A Prophecy For Mary
95. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
96. The Woman's Immeasurable Gain
97. Joseph Adopts A Lovely Daughter
98. The Maiden Recognizes The Baby
99. Cyrenius Seeks The Maiden's Hand
100. The Three-fold Roman Marriage Law
101. Victor Aurelius Dexter Latii
102. A Gospel On Marriage Acceptable Before God
103. The Seat Of Life Is In The Heart
104. For Every Man I Created Only One Woman
105. Cyrenius Makes A Sacrifice
106. Eudokia Finds A Greater Splendor
107. Joseph Accepts A Gift From Cyrenius
108. A Secret Roman Marriage Law
109. An Official Marriage Covenant
110. Do Not Sigh Because Of The World
111. The World Is A Stage Of Deceit
112. Joseph's House Receives New Guests
113. The New Guests At The Lord's Table
114. The New Order For Heaven And Earth
115. A Protective Watch In The Night
116. The Reawakening Of The Mercenaries
117. Cyrenius Meets The Lord's Servants
118. God's Love For His Children
119. The Wedding Garments Of The Lord's Servants
120. How The Easter Holidays Should Be Kept
121. An Easter Invitation From Cyrenius
122. A Secret Hope For The Condemned
123. A Treacherous Path Up A Holy Mountain
124. A Poisonous Encampment At The Summit
125. An Old Temple Collapses
126. The Strange Fires In Ostracine
127. An Empty Deception By Evil Spirits
128. Joseph Discourses On The Wonders Of Creation
129. He Is The Image Of The Invisible God
130. Love Alone Can Comprehend The Lord
131. The Approach Of A Great Storm
132. Cyrenius Defies A Sea Of Fire
133. A Roman Marvels At The Child's Power
134. The Lord Always Knows The Best Way
135. A Treacherous Attack
136. The Discovery Of The Traitor
137. The Family Arrives At The Citadel Of Cyrenius
138. Love and Compassion Are Better Than Justice
139. An Example Of Compassion
140. A Gospel Of Forgiveness
141. A New Ark Of The Covenant
142. Joseph's Place Of Honor In The World
143. A Captain Seeks Enlightenment
144. The Baby Reproves Joseph
145. Joseph Tells The Captain Of The Messiah
146. Joseph Defines True Love Of God
147. The Healing Of The Afflicted Guests
148. The Unveiling Of The Spiritual Life
149. How the Sabbath Is To Be Kept
150. The Miraculously Repaired Ship
151. The Seeker Will Find The Right Path
152. Cyrenius As Predecessor Of The Apostle Paul
153. The Word Of The Lord To Isaiah
154. A Friend Of The Question
155. Cyrenius Prepares His Departure
156. Good Friends Take Leave
157. The Baby Becomes Silent
158. The Meaning Of True Rest On The Sabbath
159. Eudokia Learns A Secret of the Heavens
160. I Am He, Who Teaches Justice
161. A Blind Man Receives His Sight
162. James Explains A Passage From David
163. The Arrival Of The Children From Tyre
164. An Evil Spirit Is Dispossessed
165. Christophorus - The Giant Fisherman
166. Why Jonathan Carried More Than The Whole World
167. The Child's Favorite Food
168. A Lesson In Love, Gentleness And Patience
169. Melchisedek, The King of Salem
170. Great Thoughts Other Than Love Are Vain
171. The Child Explains Messiah Passages In Isaiah
172. He Is A Sinner Who Has No Love
173. The Just According To The Law Will Weep
174. The Nature Of The Moon
175. An Historic Eclipse Of The Moon
176. Some Old Fables About The Moon
177. A Perfect Earth In Miniature
178. Jonathan Is Called To An Important Service
179. The Lucky Catch - An Omen For Jonathan
180. A Great Reward For Jonathan
181. Cyrenius Comes To The Right Place
182. Storms Of The Soul - A Sign Of God's Love
183. The Mystery Of The Gale
184. The Way Of The Lord With Cyrenius
185. A Gospel On Prayer Pleasing To God
186. Cyrenius Receives A Rare Gift
187. Be Not Concerned About Your Brother
188. A Test Of Love For Cyrenius
189. Cyrenius Builds A New, Living Temple
190. The Lord Over Death And Above The Sabbath
191. Cyrenius Wins A Race With The Child
192. A Prophetic Game Of The Future Begins
193. The Symbolic Children's Game
194. The First Woman's Nature Is Rebuked
195. A Simile Of The World's Children
196. A New King Over All The World
197. The Little Child Interprets The Game
198. A Parable Of The Future
199. The Universal Significance Of The Lord's Descent
200. The Child Foretells The Crucifixion And Resurrection
201. A Prediction For The Followers Of Jesus
202. Worldliness, The Enemy Of The Inward Life
203. The Difference Between A Mask And Prudence
204. The Parable Of The Wise King
205. The Repentant Tullia Is Forgiven
206. The Three Tears Acceptable To God
207. The Lord To The End Of Creation
208. Joseph Puts A Curse On The Storm
209. The Reason For The Storm
210. The Child Foretells A Fire From Above
211. The Child Warns Joseph Against Vain Searching
212. The Child And James Forget To Pray
213. Joseph Repents His Mistake
214. The Lord's Table On The Mountain
215. In Hoc Signo Vinces
216. The Way Of The Lord With The Pagans
217. A Lesson In Geometry
218. Faith Demonstrates True Humility Of The Spirit
219. The Cross As Symbol Of God's Love
220. The Flesh Is Under The Debt Of Sin
221. The Same Conditions Do Not Apply Everywhere
222. When Zero Counts As Much As A Million
223. A Comet In Miniature
224. The Nature Of A Comet
225. The Long and Short Approach To God
226. Never Fear The World - But Fear Yourselves
227. The Generosity Of Jonathan
228. The Difference Between God's True And False Servants
229. A Memorable Morning Meal For Cyrenius
230. Mary's Strictness A Symbol Of Her Motherly Love
231. Cyrenius Provides For Joseph's House
232. On The Burden Of Money
233. Jonathan Fells A Mighty Tree
234. A Glittering Deputation Arrives From Ostracine
235. O You Disgraceful Bourn Of Earth
236. The Humility Of The Lord
237. The Child's Love For His Brothers
238. The Interpretation Of The Poor Meal
239. One Flock And One Shepherd
240. The Poor Testimony Of The Worldly Neighbors
241. The Evil Plan Of The Neighbors
242. He Who Digs A Pit For Another
243. A Memorable Example Of Charity
244. Though We Lose All - But Have The Lord
245. Joseph To Cyrenius - Follow The Lord's Counsel
246. Where Your Heart Is - There Is Your Treasure
247. Only Love Can Bear My Presence
248. Jonathan Saves Another Roman Ship
249. Jonathan Makes A Rich Catch Of Fish
250. The Wages Of The World
251. Jonathan As A Friend in Need
252. James Tells Of God's Wonders In All Things
253. A Judgment For Wanton Destructiveness
254. The Return Of The Stolen Clothes
255. The Inward Nobility Of Mary
256. Joseph Reproves The Eminent Citizens
257. The Departure From Egypt
258. The Return To Nazareth
259. Cornelius Discovers The Little Caravan
260. On The Outskirts Of Nazareth
261. Salome And Cornelius Recognize The Family
262. Joseph Returns To His Farmstead
263. The Child Praises Salome's Love
264. Salome Prepares The Child's Favorite Food
265. Cornelius Becalms Joseph's Fears
266. The Secret Writing Of The Romans
267. The Child's Promise To Cornelius
268. Joseph's House Receives A Roman Charter
269. Joseph Decides To Visit Friends And Relatives
270. The Town Of Nazareth Receives A Warning
271. Joseph Exhorts The Nazarenes To True Penance
272. Joseph Visits His Friend The Doctor
273. The Messiah Will Found A Spiritual Kingdom
274. The Child Heals A Girl Of Palsy
275. The Doctor Comes Into A Great Reputation
276. Joseph Visits The Schoolteacher Dumas
277. The Child Gives Dumas A Mighty Setback
278. Joseph Confounds The Beadles Of Archelaus
279. Jonathan As Fisherman In The Sea Of Galilee
280. The Miracle Of The Twelve Sparrows
281. An Ill-Tempered Boy's Lesson
282. The Wages Of The Shepherd Boy
283. A Father's Entreaty
284. A Glorious Promise To All Of Good Will
285. The Reawakening Of The Shepherd Boy
286. The Wages Of A False Witness
287. A Schoolteacher Learns The Alphabet
288. Where Is Up - And Where Down?
289. A Light To The Heathen, A Judgment To The Jews
290. The Death And Reawakening Of Zenon
291. Archelaus - A Scourge Of God
292. The Reawakening Of Salome's Dead Servant
293. The Broken Water Jug
294. The Thousand-fold Harvest
295. A Memorable School Episode
296. The Boy Jesus Explains Daniel To A Kind Teacher
297. Three Miracles Of Jesus In His Eleventh Year
298. Twelve-Year-Old Jesus Journeys To The Temple
299. And He Increased In Grace And Wisdom
300. An Exemplary Life Of The Soul