God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

The Third Commandment for True, Sanctified Marriage

THE THIRD COMMANDMENT for true, sanctified marriage according to MY HOLY WILL arises from the first two commandments; for the true, pure LOVE for perfection and its longing to become a TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT requires the ardent, holy will to accomplish this and to no longer waver and want anything other than to achieve THE HOLY WILL OBJECTIVE OF THE PERFECT MARRIAGE in the shortest possible way, so that not a day on this earth may be wasted and squandered on My counterpole.
So strengthen yourselves, My children of this earth, who hang so deeply in the shackles of the counterpole world, almost irredeemably in so many cases, strengthen yourselves through MY HOLY VOICE by moving IT incessantly in your hearts! And so you will become strong in the HOLY WILL to be able to fulfill the first two commandments for true, sanctified marriage!
MY HOLY WILL glow in you as your own will to want nothing more than to attain perfection, to become the most ardent LOVE for one another and a TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT!
This will of yours from ME must be expressed in no longer doing anything that is contrary to this goal! And that means not to fall into any more weakness! But you do not yet know what weakness is towards YOUR GOD AND CREATOR and how to recognize it!
The easiest way to recognize any weakness of the soul is to ask yourselves: Would MY GOD AND LORD IN JESUS CHRIST, THE CRUCIFIED ONE OF GOLGATHA, WHO ALSO Shed HIS HOLY BLOOD for me, have acted in my place as I often acted in my blindness and would HE now act in my place as I am inclined to act? - The answer in your hearts should be clear and unmistakable!
And if you ask further: Can MY REDEMPTION MOTHER, THE MOTHER OF THE LORD, act in my place as I have so often acted? Would SHE, WHO IS GOD'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE, act in such a way, even with a hint of a thought, as I am still prepared to do as a sinful human child? - Can the answer in your hearts be other than what is right and just before MY HOLY COUNTENANCE?
So you, CHILDREN OF MY LOVE, with this hint have the easiest recipe of all, how you can keep yourselves from falling into any weakness and become firm in the HOLY WILL to fall into no sin anymore, neither in word nor in deed! For if you ask yourselves this in every delicate situation and in every temptation, I THE LORD will immediately work in MY HOLY SPIRIT in your hearts to place in it what is right before MY HOLY COUNTENANCE and what will let you overcome everything for your salvation and happiness and lift you step by step higher to MY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION!
So upon you man's souls - if you sincerely desire to create a New Earth with a New Humanity - will come MY HOLY WILL to never squander your power from ME for new generative life in the gutter of premarital or extramarital sins; for this generative life force is sacred and not given to any soul to make it the object of fleeting ecstasy and lustful sins!
In the same way you women's souls, if you ask as I THE LORD have advised you and you desire MY WONDERFUL GUIDANCE with a pure heart, will be filled with the HOLY WILL from ME to become a HOLY VESSEL OF MY ETERNAL PROCREATING LOVE!
For I THE LORD introduced these commandments for marriage sanctified before ME with the principle that true marriage does not begin with the marriage ceremony! It begins with the holy decision of will of the soul who becomes aware of her divine inheritance to strive for perfection with the soul-partner who is brought to her by ME, THE ETERNAL MASTER OF ALL SOULS.
So this clearly states that the soul striving for this perfection already spiritually enters into marriage with the soul-partner chosen by ME before it has visibly recognized him! In this pure-spiritual marriage covenant lies the entire trust and the unshakeable faith in ME, THE CREATOR AND HEAVENLY FATHER, to be able to receive perfect happiness only directly from MY HANDS, with which the already spiritually concluded marriage is blessed by ME from the outset, if all commandments for the sanctified marriage are observed and fulfilled.
From the first moment of this spiritual marriage, it will be a marriage of absolute holy fidelity! The soul who has matured to this spiritually consummated marriage will see her soul-partner in the spiritual image, will already live with him in the spiritual in unchanging fidelity and will only have the holy goal of perfection and fusion with the soul-partner given to her by ME into ONE TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT before her eyes and in her heart! This will be the case with every soul that has matured into this spiritual marriage, whether male or female.
MY GUIDE to the Perfect Soul-Partner in Marriage
Since in this spiritual maturation the thoughts are purified according to the first commandment for the true, sanctified marriage, a breach of faith is not even within the soul's sphere of thought; marital fidelity already becomes the most natural foundation for the true marriage sanctified by ME with the spiritually consummated marriage and it can never desecrate itself later after the legal marriage through unfaithfulness!
For the so-called "infidelities" in a marriage that are tacitly tolerated in your world are - say I THE LORD - devilish leaps of My counterpole with those covetous souls for whom nothing is sacred, neither their own spouse nor MY HOLY WORD!
The ability to live the already spiritually concluded marriage purely and holily before I THE LORD bring the chosen souls together, I give through MY HOLY SPIRIT to everyone who struggles for it and asks ME for such a marriage to be concluded heavenly! It will be easy for both a male and a female soul to remain premaritally faithful to the soul partner chosen by ME in this world of evil temptations; for by looking up to ME, THE GOD, CREATOR AND HEAVENLY FATHER who has returned to this world IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE MARIA, all powers of sanctification are mobilized, with which everything that serves hell and its casts of sin can be overcome!
Marriage, a Gift of Grace for the Realization of the Rebirth of the Soul
For marriage, as MY GIFT OF GRACE for the realization of the soul's rebirth in MY HOLY SPIRIT, cannot be sanctified soon enough, so that through true, sanctified marriage all the soul's powers may develop and unfold to the right degree and thereby dissolve that in the soul which is that which has fallen from MY HEAVENS and that which is bound to the world of My counterpole; for I THE LORD have already revealed that the soul is an intermediate realm between the fallen spirit from ME and MY HOLY SPIRIT OF PERFECTION.
So then the soul in the shell of the earthly body will no longer be drawn into the depths of My counterpole and will no longer keep the spirit from ME with MY HOLY INHERITANCE locked in a prison, so to speak, by the fallen and bound qualities, but will not only free the spirit in it, but will subordinate itself to it in order to begin the flight of ascent with it to ME to MY PATERNAL HEART!
So see, CHILDREN OF MY LOVE, what sanctification is possible in marriage and what its true tasks are! And gradually you will also realize how through the correct understanding of marriage as an immeasurable GIFT OF GRACE FROM YOUR GOD, humanity and the whole world can be transformed, and that this NEW BIBLE is truly your holy anchor of salvation from this blind present world!
For if the marriage is conducted through the purification of the thoughts with a will directed towards perfection entirely in looking up to ME, the fruits of such a marriage will also be truly blessed; both in the spiritual and in the soul as well as in the earthly!
Even more than the thoughts, the actions in the marriage have an effect on the procreative life!
The Unblessed Fruits of the Life of Lust in Marriage
Through a married life in the desires of the flesh, without the thoughts of pure LOVE directed towards ME, the fruits of such a marriage will also be tainted with desires and will multiply furiously like pathogenic bacteria in the material work of the human children thus conceived!
So you humans need not be surprised at this present humanity with its infernal qualities, as they express themselves more and more in everything and soon trigger judgment on this earth! And every marriage that surrenders to the temptations and desires of this counterpole world accelerates the process of dissolution of the good and true, the holy and divine as a compliant tool in the hand of My counterpole!
So this NEW BIBLE must become the HOLY BIBLE of every human being and especially the HOLY BIBLE OF MARRIAGE as the Holy anchor of salvation from the swamp and darkness of this world, if the worst is still to be averted from this humanity!
If the will of both the male and the female soul is directed towards ME, THE ETERNALLY PERFECT CREATOR, as these first three commandments for true, sanctified marriage according to MY HOLY WILL suggest to everyone, then the worst of the inevitable judgment can still be avoided and all life can be directed in the perfect direction towards ME, THE CREATOR!
Thus I THE LORD AND CREATOR of your spirit and your souls call out to you: Begin to direct your will towards ME and to sanctify it through the fulfillment of MY COMMANDMENTS and thus MY BLESSING will come upon you in everything!
You young male souls, you young female souls, let go of the seductive life of the body in the swamp pools of My counterpole and reflect on what I THE LORD teach you here in this MY NEW BIBLE!
But likewise you children of men, who have blindly entered into marriages without asking about the eternal and holy meaning of a marriage, let go of everything that is only an indulgence in the desires of the body, but no indulgence in the true, eternal and holy LOVE!
For THE HOLINESS OF LIFE with its true happiness of heart and soul awaits you all and it is never too late to turn the wheel of marriage from the direction of "hell" into the direction of MY HEAVEN already here on earth! For I THE LORD give immeasurable gifts to everyone who begins to reach out his hand to ME and MY GRACE GIFTS flow constantly and in all abundance for those who fulfill MY ALONE HOLY AND PERFECTION will!
So, by fulfilling MY HOLY WILL, make it yours and you will soon see how you noticeably reach the realms of true happiness and true bliss!
To all that I THE LORD have suggested to you in the previous three commandments for the true, sanctified marriage, I will still give you direct supplementary instructions, as far as they are necessary; but first we go to the next necessary commandment, which is