God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Preface -

THE NEW BIBLE, the Anchor of Salvation for All People on Earth

To Everything
That bears the Likeness of Man
For the first time it happens on this earth that through ME, YOUR CREATOR, YOUR GOD FROM ETERNITY TO ETERNITY, LOVE is revealed from the bottom of all reason in such a way for you humans that you know what LOVE is, where and how LOVE gushes forth inexhaustibly, so that you can raise yourselves up on it and walk towards LOVE, so that everything that bears the likeness of man can be saved at the last moment from falling into total darkness!
But it is not only this that must happen for your salvation from night and trouble, but it is also MY HOLY WILL that you children of men - called forth from THE MOST HOLY OF MY FATHER'S HEART - are lifted up from the hellish lowlands of your being and led home into MY HEAVEN!
So this NEW BIBLE not only became indispensable for you people, no matter what race and color you are, no matter what people you belong to and in which country of this earth you live, no matter what faith you profess!
This NEW BIBLE is your anchor of salvation, which I, THE CREATOR AND LORD of all life, give to you people of this earth in MY GRACE, in MY MERCY and in MY ETERNAL BOUNDLESS LOVE!
But you must take hold of this truly HOLY ANCHOR OF SALVATION OF YOUR GOD; I cannot and must not do that for you too! You yourselves must reach for this ANCHOR OF SALVATION OF YOUR GOD AND LORD, cling to HIM indissolubly and, looking up to ME, YOUR SAVIOR, let yourselves be pulled out of the whirlpool which you are creating for yourselves, which has already torn you down to the abyss into hell and will inevitably tear you completely into hell and devour you if you do not take hold of this HOLY ANCHOR for your salvation!
IF I THE LORD would bind you by MY POWER to this ANCHOR OF SALVATION OF MY GRACE, MY MERCY AND LOVE, so to speak - which would be easy for ME - I would never have needed to create you; neither LIFE nor SOUL would I have needed to breathe into you, nor would I have placed MY ETERNAL INHERITANCE in your hearts!
For if I were to bind you to this HOLY ANCHOR OF SALVATION, you would be no more than a piece of rotten wood, but not children of men with all that I AM, YOUR GOD, LORD AND CREATOR, and what I HAVE AS YOUR GOD OF ETERNAL LOVE FROM ETERNITY TO ETERNITY!
So finally understand MY WORD OF JESUS of old that you must seize THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN by force, that is, seize this ANCHOR OF SALVATION FROM MY HOLY HAND in order to be snatched from the whirlpool to hell! And even if you do not, I will still not force this ANCHOR OF SALVATION FROM MY GRACE, MERCY AND LOVE on you! You should and must keep your freedom, which is from ME and therefore holy, because you are more than rotten wood and must decide freely, one way or another: either for ME, GOD THE LORD, or - for hell!
For MY LOVE is to leave you eternally with your free will! As long as you have this free will, you are human beings with the sacred privilege of being able to enter MY HEAVEN; but not otherwise!