God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 1 -


So MY SPHERE OF EFFECT IS MY INFINITE AND ETERNAL CREATION and it is absolutely one with ME, THE GOD, LORD, CREATOR AND FATHER OF HEAVEN AND THE EARTH and MY PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF LOVE RESTING AND WORKING IN ME! Here, the fact of the HOLY TRINITY is revealed to you humans in all clarity! Because SHE is ONE HOLY, i.e. PERFECT TRINITY - perfect in itself and harmonized with each other in every manifestation of impulse - everything is also perfect in MY INFINITE AND ETERNAL CREATION! MY CREATION could neither be infinite nor eternal if it were not for the absolute PERFECT TRINITY! So absolutely ONE is MY THREE UNITY CREATION in ITSELF and from ITSELF into INFINITY!
Your human sphere of activity, however, is a separate sphere between the complementary poles - the feminine and the masculine - which should and must first become a unity according to MY MODEL! You yourselves are responsible for this separate sphere of activity and life through what has already been said and revealed as the old or original sin of the fallen spirit!
But thank ME, YOUR GOD, that I have not left you in the polarity of separation for all time and eternity, which would have meant eternal death, but that I have given all human children and the fallen spirit THE CHANCE OF GRACE until the return to the perfect heavenly state through MY LOVE, GRACE, MERCY AND PATIENCE!
MY ABSOLUTELY PURE SPHERE OF EFFECT is MY SPIRITUAL BODY OF CREATION! But I emphasize that the word "body" taken from your vocabulary in this case has not the slightest thing to do with the material-earthly term "body", but this word version "spiritual body of creation" should only be a parable to your "body", just as I as THE MESSIAH OF SPIRIT, JESUS CHRIST, also spoke to people in parables when I wanted to clearly show them HEAVENLY wisdom, concepts and laws. Let it be said to you with MY SPIRITUAL BODY OF CREATION that in MY PURE SPIRITUAL SPHERE OF EFFECT everything functions in an absolute unity as in a healthy human body. I THE LORD say it even more clearly for your better understanding: Your earthly human body made of matter is modeled in everything on MY SPIRITUAL BODY OF CREATION, whereby you are now led even more clearly to the HOLY TRUTH that you human beings are created as the IMAGES OF MYSELF!
So now the brightest light should soon dawn on you that you humans are not only CHILDREN OF GOD, but that I, YOUR GOD, am also YOUR FATHER, YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER, and that this YOUR GOD AND HEAVENLY FATHER is truly not just a formless "cosmic energy" or even just a "cosmic cloud", as so-called "borderline scientists" and "learned researchers" like to express themselves, but rather
and is at the same time as
the original source of all spiritual and material formations
your eternally most perfect role model!
So you humans now know well whom you worship in GOD,

This makes it clear once and for all that those who worship a personal GOD in ME are not the naive, but those are the blind fools who make of the ETERNAL CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH a mere unreal something and still drape the cloak of the highest scholarship around this mirage of the most blind folly.
But it is MY HOLY WILL that all your sciences confess ME, THE LORD AND CREATOR OF ALL THINGS, convincingly and openly, in order to create truly beneficial things for the advancement of the human race and not for its ruin! In the next volume of this NEW BIBLE "THE BOOK OF WISDOM", I THE LORD have laid down the spiritual marching route for this!
After this clarification now back to MY ETERNAL SPIRITUAL BODY OF CREATION, WHICH THROUGH ITS ABSOLUTE ETERNAL PERFECTION is also THE INFINITY IN ETERNITY, because the absolute perfection - understand this in the depth of your hearts - must be eternal and perpetuating without limitation and therefore without an end never ending in perfection, therefore does not know death!
Only by the fact that in your soul, in which I THE LORD - as you have heard - put all the qualities from ME, the perfect sphere of activity must first be restored, from which you have separated yourselves through your apostasy from MY HOLY SPIRIT, you men have created death for yourselves, which is not from MY KINGDOM, but from your fallen realm!
Death is the product of abandoned perfection! If you humans restore perfection in and around yourselves, death as the limitation of your earthly life will also be overcome and depart from you!
This I THE LORD IN JESUS CHRIST have exemplified to you in all clarity through MY SACRIFICE ON GOLGATHA! For MY ETERNAL PERFECT BODY OF CREATION FROM THE PURE SPIRITUAL had united itself through MY BIRTH on earth with a body of material limitation, which, however, was overcome by THE ETERNAL BODY OF MY HOLY SPIRIT, whereby I THE LORD rose from the earthly-material limitation of "death" in MY PURE SPIRITUAL BODY OF CREATION, proving to all people of this earth, but also to all spirits of all creation, that THE ETERNAL LIFE IN THE SPIRIT OF GOD is able to accomplish everything and thus to dissolve matter with all its faults, weaknesses and sins, which are death and limitation!
And since I, GOD THE LORD, accomplished this on your world, the earth, for all time and eternity, your earth is THE EARTH OF REDEMPTION and this could also only be accomplished on your earth because the original spirit of apostasy from My heavens has become the core of your earth with all the potencies of sin!
Therefore, according to MY HOLY WILL, this earth of redemption is also the testing earth for all those who have emerged from MY SPIRITUAL BODY OF CREATION: from MY HIGHEST ANGELS to you fallen humans, so that MY WHOLE CREATION CAN BE RAISED IN PERFECTION when the testing process of all those created from ME on this earth will be completed.