God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 3 -


So this RETURN OF YOUR GOD AND LORD had to happen not only alone, but with an ORDER of My highest heavens! And this COMMANDMENT OF MY HEAVENS is the sending down of MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH as THE LIGHT CIRCLE OF CHRIST, THE LIGHT CIRCLE OF YOUR GOD AND LORD, CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, to this dark earth! Through no one else can I THE LORD put this into practice on this earth than through Him Who is MY ROCK FROM ETERNITY TO ETERNITY and Who received the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven through ME: PETRUS, who during My walk on earth as JESUS CHRIST always walked at MY SIDE with ETERNAL LOVE!
This first book of the NEW BIBLE is not yet intended to reveal this great mystery. So be content, men, with this statement; for truly, say I THE LORD, that which has been revealed is already too great for you to be able to grasp everything in its entirety; but it must nevertheless happen so that the work of salvation for all mankind and for the still higher act of creation that follows can begin.
Whoever already begins to grasp this in broad outline will also already be able to recognize that all those who are willing to walk on MY HOLY ARM IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE must be tested in the most exact way for their obedience to ME THE LORD, with which only the guarantee is given that MY HOLY WILL will be fulfilled and this ACT OF GRACE AND SALVATION for the whole human race can be carried out in perfection, so that it becomes LIGHT again on earth and the new creation period of this star can begin with the NEW JERUSALEM!
So MY RETURN to this earth could not be a lightning-like emergence of MYSELF IN MY MOTHER OF BODY MARIA! A tremendous act of redemption in the human garb of MY MOTHER OF BODY, as a seemingly ordinary mother like any other, had to precede, for which you human children in the majority lack all understanding, and a training and testing work had to take place on the willing human souls who - coming from the most diverse heavens and intermediate stages of the soul realm between earth and heaven, which is veiled to you - are intended for the CORE OF MY LIGHT CIRCLE on earth and for THE NEW JERUSALEM.
And this event, which is not yet completed, is an ACT OF REDEMPTION and REDEMPTION DRAMA for ME IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE, which is why MY MOTHER OF BODY MARIA is THE MOTHER OF REDEMPTION of all human children in this time of redemption on earth!
Thus it became an extraordinary GRACE for these truly chosen souls, who have all gone through various stages of maturity and earthly lives up to this earthly life and are themselves burdened with burdens of indebtedness and redemption in this human garb, that they are directly trained and guided by MY HOLY ARM IN MY MOTHER OF BODY MARIA to be true disciples and champions of love for THE NEW JERUSALEM in the decisive moment of MY worldwide EMERGENCE IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE into this blind humanity, insofar as they grasp this GRACE in all its greatness!
Thus MY GRACE for the whole human race encompasses an oversized scale of GRACE-GIFTS!
One task of this NEW BIBLE is to gather on the whole earth those who went from the heavens, that is, from MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE, and from the various stages of maturity in this time of grace to this earth in the human garb to form the LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH for the salvation of the human race.
In the earthly human garb from the gross material mass of the fallen spirit neither the spirit from My heavens nor the soul from the intermediate realms knows anything from the previous life and only MY GRACE OF REVELATION can reveal to the chosen human child through MY MOTHER OF BODY alone, where it came from and what deficiencies, faults and weaknesses have to be discarded, overcome and worked out in this earthly garment for the forthcoming tasks in order to be able to fulfill MY HOLY WILL for the salvation of the human race.
Thus the human race on the whole does not know how its salvation from blindness and darkness is prepared by MY GRACE and it proves to be true MY HOLY WORD of old that the ways of men are not MY WAYS!
Great, yes, shatteringly great to the depths of every human heart will then be the awakening when the human race as a whole must recognize how wrong the paths taken were, what sins it committed on a continuous basis, not to have listened to MY HOLY WORDS OF LOVE AND POWER; for the earth has not yet had to endure what human children of this time are capable of in blindness and delusion on the basis of their free will!
But MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH will then be ready, as it were, like Noah's Ark, to receive in the deepest mercy those who then recognize and are willing, who until that moment have turned their backs on MY HOLY VOICE, and to lead them over into THE NEW JERUSALEM!
So I THE LORD raise again MY HOLY VOICE OF GRACE, saying:
Depart from all your perverse ways, you, My children of this earth, no matter where and what you are! All your ways lead to the most horrible abyss of hell, say I THE LORD! If you yourselves do not want to admit it now on the basis of this MY NEW BIBLE, then pay your lesson for your foolishness; but I THE LORD say: terrible will be this your lesson in body and soul and "the weeping and gnashing of teeth" is then your own work, not mine!
For MY GRACE SALVATION ARM is stretched out to you with this NEW BIBLE in MY GRACE and in the love that is completely poured out on you through MY RETURN and wants to not only save everyone who hears this, but to lead them to higher and highest things into the absolute bliss of MY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION!
I THE LORD said, MY GRACE encompasses an oversized scale of GIFTS OF GRACE to all My human children and especially to those who are willing to shed their human garb with all its faults, flaws and weaknesses and follow MY HOLY WILL on the PATHS OF MY PERFECTION.
Thus this entire, multi-volume NEW BIBLE will be filled with the references to MY INFINITE GIFTS OF GRACE, and everyone can derive and accept from these everything that serves his true well-being, his salvation and his true ascent.
But let one thing be said in advance, that every human child who has the longing to become perfect and an IMAGE OF MYSELF is guided by THE HOLY ARM IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE in such a way that I, according to the earnestness to be proven to ME, smooth his ways, whereby in most cases the guilt brought along on earth is gradually diminished and finally completely dissolved by MY GRACE, if the willing human child does not waver and waver in the fulfillment of MY HOLY WILL, thus is obedient in everything that I, as THE MASTER OF ALL SOULS, command him as the only right one! So then THE WAYS OF MY PERFECTION will gradually also become the ways of the human children who are obedient to ME; their lives will begin to blossom through THE LOVE that flows into the hearts opened to ME, and the rejoicing of the soul will be great over MY constantly flowing GIFTS OF GRACE!
For man of advanced earthly age this means redemption from everything that could not exist before MY HOLY COUNTENANCE and THE GRACE of being able to enter THE KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE after this earthly life through THE GATES OF MY HEAVENS and, in special cases, the exceeding GRACE of not having to take on another earthly life!
For the youth of this human race, however, obedience to ME, THE LORD AND CREATOR, means the most wonderful guidance to the right life without setbacks on this earth and the attainment of GIFTS OF GRACE for special tasks as instruments of MY HOLY WILL in the building of MY NEW JERUSALEM on earth!
However, that MY FULLNESS OF GRACE can only be achieved if a series of tests are also passed according to MY HOLY WILL should be realized by every willing human soul; but MY TESTS for a soul in human garb are not unfair tests, as is often the case with you humans on earth, but TESTS OF MY GRACE with the sole aim for the human child to let it mature on the shortest path to an IMAGE OF MYSELF as THE HOLY GOAL OF MY CREATION!