God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 8 -

The Double-Edged Sword

Can there be a more wonderful promise than this, My children of this earth, that I THE LORD will build you a heaven on earth? Whose heart does not beat towards ME, THE LORD IN MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, with all the ardor of his love? Who wants to doubt this truly HOLY PROMISE of the clearest reality of HIS GOD AND CREATOR and continue to follow his ways of the most perverse ideologies and phraseologies? Who prefers these paths, paved with murder, oppression, slavery and everything that only hell can spew out, to the path of one's own repentance in looking up to ME, THE GOD OF ETERNAL LOVE AND MERCY?
At the end of your human paths there is rarely anything other than the destruction and total extinction of your own life! But at the end of the HOLY WAYS OF YOUR GOD AND LORD beckons the reality of the NEW JERUSALEM!
And you now know, according to the previous revelations, that
is already a Holy Reality in perfection!
Are you humans now already so entrenched in everything that hell serves you that you truly can no longer think clearly and walk MY HOLY WAYS?
I THE LORD not only give you children of men these MY HOLY REVELATIONS in the fullness of MY THOUGHTS OF PERFECTION, but I give them continuously to every CHILD OF MY LOVE, if he lets ME take up complete residence in his heart!
Now go completely into your heart and commune with ME, YOUR CREATOR, GOD AND LORD, so that you - if you do not yet have it despite this NEW BIBLE - may receive the certainty of how you are to decide!
For I say, THE LORD: This MY NEW BIBLE with this concluding promise of the NEW JERUSALEM is for every human child on earth
and you separate yourselves by yourselves as the "wheat" or the "chaff" and should know what that means! I only add: the chaff will never, ever rise again in MY NEW HOLY JERUSALEM after the separation has been completed! It will be thrown into the furnace of spiritual purification, which is also still LOVE, but LOVE in the relentless sincerity of the LAW OF GUILT AND ATONEMENT, which everyone contracts if he deliberately remains unteachable!
For until a time determined by ME, everyone on your earth will know that I THE LORD have thrown out the anchor of salvation for every human soul with this MY NEW BIBLE and that it is up to each individual to grasp it in order not to become a pawn of the dark powers and to anchor himself firmly in MY HOLY SPIRIT OF ETERNAL, ONMIPOTENT LOVE. And no one will be able to make excuses for not having heard of this HOLY ANCHOR OF SALVATION!
Whoever takes hold of this HOLY ANCHOR OF SALVATION and holds on to it will be taken up into the saving HOLY ARK OF MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, which will bring all willing CHILDREN OF MY LOVE safely through THE JUDGMENT into THE NEW JERUSALEM!