God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 8 -


Blessed is everything in the NEW JERUSALEM, because all citizens of the NEW JERUSALEM live in TRUE LOVE and I, AS THE KING OF KINGS, let MY NEVER-ENDING BLESSING flow out upon all MY CHILDREN OF THE NEW JERUSALEM!
This means that MY CHILDREN OF THE NEW JERUSALEM participate in everything in MY REAL, ETERNAL WEALTH and that says in detail:
Never ending, never ceasing, never tiring, never diminishing will be the power that flows to every citizen of MY NEW JERUSALEM from MY HOLY JESUS-MARIA-SPIRIT!
You should realize this using the example of a power plant that feeds a large number of machines and devices with the necessary energy. In the NEW JERUSALEM I, THE LORD AND CREATOR, AM THE ETERNAL POWER PLANT OF LOVE and feed every human soul and everything it needs with MY POWER, MY NEVER-ENDING, ETERNALLY FLOWING ENERGY OF LOVE, if the human child has properly connected to ME and there is never a short circuit, so to speak, between the CHILD OF MY JESUS-MARIA-LOVE AND ME!
This ETERNAL POWER AND ENERGY FROM ME is gratuitous and is not measured and calculated; otherwise it would not be a power from ME, THE ETERNAL LOVE! You can already see it in your life force, which flows to you free of charge from ME, for which I expect no other payment from you than only LOVE again! For, if you repay ME for MY WORKS with your LOVE, then an eternal ENERGY FLOW OF LOVE comes about between ME and you, which brings everything in you and around you to the highest unfolding, thus also enriching My creation in the works and effects of LOVE, so that you get a foretaste, so to speak, of what MY ETERNAL LOVE IN THE INFINITE ABUNDANCE is!
An infinity difference exists, of course, in the given example between a power plant of your world and ME, THE ETERNAL POWER PLANT and ETERNAL SPENDER OF ALL ENERGIES; for your power plants stand still instantly if no energy materials flow to them from outside, but I THE LORD can never stand still! Why is that?
Because I AM THE ETERNAL LOVE and eternally seize Myself in MY HOLY SPIRIT in LOVE, thus eternally procreating multiplying Myself - to express it mathematically, so to speak - potentiating into infinity!
THE ETERNAL LOVE is the greatest, not graspable, but nevertheless graspable multiplicand, with which THE LOVE OF MY CHILDREN can multiply to infinity, thus also becoming inexhaustible and unfolding energies and abilities, of which your thinking, limited in its present state of maturity, does not dare to dream!
THE ETERNAL LOVE is at the same time the number of all numbers; it is the unit number of all becoming orders of magnitude, the "l", and becomes infinity in eternity through the symbolic sign of MY HOLY SPIRIT "0", which you disdainfully call a "zero", thus letting it be known that you have not yet entered into the true spirit of numbers and signs, just as little as into the deep spirit of letters and words! Who of you mathematicians would even think of using "zero" to exponentiate something? The reality of MY HOLY SPIRIT is also the strangest of the strangest to you!
In MY NEW JERUSALEM, however, the reality of MY HOLY SPIRIT will be the greatest, the most powerful reality, which strengthens and reinforces everything up to eternity and infinity!
This multiplying power and might from MY ETERNAL LOVE with MY HOLY SPIRIT - from the "l" and the "0" - is the eternal procreation and formation secret of every seed! And only through this is ETERNAL LIFE possible; only through this can THE SPIRIT, which unites and multiplies with LOVE, bring forth never-ending WORKS OF LOVE!
Remember what I THE LORD said in the commandments on sanctified marriage, that every seed is sacred, yes, super-sacred, and should not be squandered in the gutter of unruly sins! Here you have further proof of this!
Thus, in the NEW JERUSALEM, everything will unfold in the never-ending fullness of the ETERNAL and INFINITE, because this fundamental principle of real LOVE and the real HOLY SPIRIT will be lived in the highest and holiest cognition!
But begin already now, MY CHILDREN OF LOVE, to train yourselves in this cognition in every moment, in order to become disciples in the true LOVE of MY HOLY SPIRIT, in order to do the indispensable preparatory work for THE NEW JERUSALEM with ME, THE LORD IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE, on the firmest ground of these HOLY TRUTHS!
THE NEW JERUSALEM will be a heaven on earth simply by the fact that new energies and abilities will unfold in all souls after the shedding of their weaknesses through the merging of pure LOVE with MY HOLY SPIRIT; for the Spirit being released from MY SPIRIT SPARK in the heart of every human being will fill the souls with great power, trigger unknown new impulses and truly reshape people so that a New Humanity with a New Earth will emerge!
In the NEW JERUSALEM there will truly be an incessant struggle of the spirit, but not for prestige and advantage, but solely in competition for THE BEST and for THE HIGHEST, for everything HEAVENLY and HOLY, out of LOVE for ME and MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE!
Imagine, CHILDREN OF MY LOVE, what multiplication all true powers of the spirit will trigger when all CHILDREN OF MY LOVE unite in the most burning, most merciful ARDENT LOVE with ME, THE CREATOR OF ALL ETERNAL AND INFINITE! Do you believe that then a treachery of My counterpole can still gain the upper hand over any human child or anything?
When the marriages in the NEW JERUSALEM will only be sanctified marriages according to My commandments, when everything satanic is overcome and sanctified from the unions of souls, and when the procreations of new human life are only THE MOST HOLY OF HUMAN LIFE, then LOVE will continue to sanctify itself in an eternally infinite process of higher education, whereby mankind will be lifted higher step by step and thus the whole creation will be lifted!
The world in the NEW JERUSALEM will then be unrecognizable in any atom, so to speak, compared to the state of the world today! This present state of the world will seem like an unbelievable horror story to MY CHILDREN IN THE NEW JERUSALEM!
So, you, My children of this time on earth, get up for good and grasp THE GRACE OF MY COMING AGAIN and this MY NEW BIBLE to truly let it become light on this very darkest earth, for which all angels and spirits of My heavens fear that it will not be completely devoured by hell.
For THE LIGHT OF MY HEAVENS was then brought to earth through ME IN JESUS CHRIST and ignited, but it burned out again in the hearts of My earthly children to now be ignited anew through MY RETURN IN MY MOST HOLY and through this NEW BIBLE! So do not let this HOLY SALVATION LIGHT burn out again, and I THE LORD will help you to kindle it into the consuming fire of hell on earth!
For behold, the time has come from the prophecy through My former John that his seventh vision of the NEW JERUSALEM will be fulfilled! I THE LORD will interpret it to you as it must be seen and grasped with the eyes of true LOVE and the true SPIRIT; for only he who has become LOVE through and through, just as I am THE LOVE in everything, also has the eyes of the real SPIRIT and he sees not only letters, numbers and the outer appearances of the living, but he begins to see the real world of what is hidden; Through LOVE, his eyes become, so to speak, super-microscopes that see through the outer shells into the innermost without the need for external auxiliary constructs. You already live in mental images, but in the images of your soul-bound to the countless influences of My counterpole! Thus you sometimes think that those who have matured in true LOVE with their spiritually deep and foresighted view are no longer "normal" and are not to be taken "seriously"; but I THE LORD say to you: Do not fall among the completely blind in spirit and heal your souls through pure, true LOVE in the fulfillment of MY COMMANDMENTS!