God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 7 -


But one thing I THE LORD say, revealing it to you here, especially to those who decide to take the perfect path of LOVE and want to fulfill MY HOLY WILL without restriction for all eternity:
THE REBIRTH IN THE FIRE OF MY HOLY JESUS-MARIA-SPIRIT brings the spirit that accomplishes this in MY GRACE and is given the rebirth in the HOLY SPIRIT OF MY ETERNAL JESUS-MARIA-LOVE as the highest GRACE award, to a level where it can be used in MY ETERNAL CREATION for that which I have reserved for MY TRUE CHILDREN OF MY LOVE! That this is beyond your present comprehension will be clear to you and therefore it is superfluous to explain it here, but you can imagine that it is THE BLESSING OF ALL BLESSINGS!
Verily, say I THE LORD, the way in MY LOVE AND GRACE is so wonderful that everyone should immediately begin to follow MY HOLY VOICE down to the smallest detail! Even if the rebirth in the fire of MY HOLY SPIRIT is the highest gift of grace and the highest goal and cannot be achieved by everyone in this earthly life, the holy will in you to strive for this and to kindle the fire of LOVE in you for this purpose will bring about the fundamental purification of your soul in a short time and allow you to accomplish undreamt-of things through the rebirth of the soul, which you do not even dare to believe in now!
For I THE LORD shower every CHILD OF MY LOVE with My gifts of grace when I see his unchangeable striving to become an IMAGE OF MYSELF! Miraculously, his paths are smoothed by ME IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE; for where LOVE embraces ME from a human child, I embrace THE CHILD OF MY LOVE with all the ALL POWER OF MY LOVE!
Even if nothing can be accomplished without trials, it is still possible for every CHILD OF MY LOVE to accomplish great things through MY LEADERSHIP!
Behold, you already accomplish great things when you carry out the fundamental purification of your soul through the blazing fire of your LOVE, so that I IN MY HOLY SPIRIT can take up residence in you in fullness! Nothing will then bind you anymore, neither to the law of guilt and atonement nor to any side of this counterpole world; MY HOLY SPIRIT will uncover abilities in you which you did not think of before and which will surprise you beyond all measure. Your soul will then become truly free! You do not yet know what it means and what the state of yourselves will be when you can call a free soul your own!
Here is an example: A soul has so far been attached to various addictive substances that have become habitual to it, which do not yet directly damage the bodily health, but only undermine it in the course of many years, such as drinking alcoholic beverages beyond the proper measure, smoking and, as a result of these passions, the unrestrained urge for stimuli of all kinds. From the moment the soul gradually becomes aware of her true divine destiny and begins to reduce these habits in order to finally stop them altogether, the soul-potencies previously affected by the addictive substances become free for the inflow of MY LOVE and MY HOLY WILL. The soul becomes visibly more luminous and soon begins to radiate beyond the exterior of the body and it does not take long for the soul to have made a completely different person out of itself. My counterpole will then no longer have a dwelling place in such a soul, but instead such a soul will become the dwelling place of MY HOLY SPIRIT OF LOVE; it removes everything bound in it and when it begins to completely fulfill MY HOLY WILL, a HOLY FIRE OF LOVE soon burns in the soul, the last thing that does not belong in a pure soul is also melted away and it is not only saved from the world of My counterpole, but lifted into MY JESUS-MARIA-LIGHT, which now also has to accomplish the rest in the soul for its salvation!
Truly, great things are then accomplished! And by this example you see that it is not at all impossible that the soul of every CHILD OF MY LOVE can soar up to the rebirth in the FIRE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT!
Thus this most wonderful goal is attainable for every willing soul! Certainly, and I THE LORD emphasize this once again, it is not possible without trials; for without trials nothing can be accomplished that is to endure, least of all can that be accomplished without trials which is to have an eternal existence in MY KINGDOM! But when it is accomplished, truly ETERNAL is accomplished!
This should already make you children of men happy in advance that it is possible to accomplish ETERNAL things instead of just being attached to the transitory and bringing yourselves to the grave with the incessant worries about earthly prosperity! But to direct one's LOVE primarily towards the eternal riches of the soul and the spirit is by no means to become an enemy of earthly prosperity. By no means, say I THE LORD!
Only you should not be attached to the transient earthly and not place the work for this world above everything, as if it would bring bliss for all eternity! For see how I THE LORD also gave worldly gifts to those who gave their hearts to ME completely and knew only one thing, to obey ME and to fulfill MY ALONE HOLY WILL! Read the Old Testament correctly and you will find confirmed what I THE LORD tell you here and you will hear another about it in the final chapter of this NEW BIBLE.
Do not be tempted to follow extreme interpretations of MY TEACHING OF LOVE, for they miss the point of the Holy Truths! I THE LORD did not create this earth of redemption so that My children should turn away from this world and become abnormal beings. Mankind would never be redeemed and enter into MY HOLY LIGHT if MY CHILDREN OF LOVE turned away from the world completely, but THE LOVE must be carried into the world through real, exemplary action and thereby changed, as the previous chapters have shown in detail.
And here is another example: Some souls, dripping with religious feelings, often overflow with exuberant outbursts of words, claiming that this and that is written here and there in the Bible and that God would never add anything new to the Bible and therefore reject any contact with MY HOLY VOICE at this time. They thus completely cut themselves off from ME, THE LORD, and the eternal process of further development and education in My creation; they cause a spiritual cramp in themselves which not infrequently leads to physical suffering and do not come to the realization that they are going the wrong way. They preach about love, but do not live true LOVE! They do not even come to the clear realization that in reality they do not love ME, GOD THE LORD, but are in love with the selfishness of their deviant ideas of God!
These souls have mostly carried over much from their equally extreme previous lives into this earthly life; they are not prepared to lay aside their - strictly speaking - characteristics which are far from God; they have always walked this earth as fanatics and will not be convinced by any miracles and will brand the same as in My time on earth as JESUS CHRIST as the work of the devil and so they do not see that they are reaching out to My counterpole and are in reality his disciples and instruments!
You have already met enough of such souls; do not get involved in word battles with them! For only the most burning, merciful ARDENT-LOVE can bring about a loosening in these souls, but not overnight either, but only through the most long-suffering patience. The actual success will rarely be recognizable in one earthly life; mostly it will only occur in MY KINGDOM OF PURE SPIRIT.
I THE LORD had to give you this example so that you CHILDREN OF MY LOVE do not allow yourselves to be put off and do not throw away THE PEARLS OF MY LOVE where they are not recognized.
Behold, if you enter completely into MY HOLY COMMANDMENTS AND MESSAGES OF LOVE and thus become the purest, most burning LOVE, as it has been brought before you in this NEW BIBLE and I THE LORD can lead you into THE FIRE OF MY HOLY JESUS-MARIA-SPIRIT for the attainment of rebirth, you will also be equipped with the ability to recognize the souls in their characteristics in order to be able to draw the right conclusions for your work in true, pure LOVE. In this way you will not only be able to become the true pillars for MY NEW JERUSALEM on earth, but you will also be able to attain that level of which I spoke at the beginning!
But you must pass the tests at MY HOLY HAND IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE in the FIRE OF MY HOLY JESUS-MARIA-SPIRIT, which are necessary! But do not be afraid of these trials; for they are only trials of MY LOVE, and they are trials of MY GRACE, because nothing else surrounds you but only MY LOVE and MY GRACE wants to bestow upon you the highest that is attainable for a true CHILD OF MY LOVE both on earth and in heaven!
I THE LORD say, even a very rare event! And all My heavens rejoice as soon as such an event takes place; for a hallelujah fills all My heavens when a spirit, once gone forth from My heavens as a CHILD OF MY LOVE, has regained the original CHILDHOOD OF GOD IN PERFECTION on earth in the human garment of the fallen one through the rebirth of his soul and the highest rebirth in the fire of MY HOLY JESUS-MARIA-SPIRIT!
For such a spirit as MY truly reborn CHILD OF MY MOST PERFECT LOVE has indeed overcome hell on earth with all its temptations and struggled to rid itself of all shackles in the fundamental gravity of matter; it has passed all the struggles of permitted and imposed trials to prove itself a true CHILD OF GOD AND MY ETERNAL LOVE.
This then proved that not only I, GOD THE LORD, am THE ALMIGHTY, but every CHILD OF MY LOVE, if it becomes the LOVE OF ALL LOVE in the unconditional fulfillment of MY HOLY WILL, is omnipotent over the world of My counterpole and the day of creation will come when all the spirits of My heavens will be reborn as MY CHILDREN OF LOVE and the counterpole creation will have ceased to exist as a fallen spirit from My heavens!
Thus every completed rebirth in the fire of MY HOLY JESUS-MARIA-SPIRIT is an all-surpassing creation event in view of the Creation Day of the perfect redemption of all that is bound and fallen!
But know also that there are nevertheless different degrees in being born again, of which the highest degree is that where a spirit has gone forth from My heavens with the free, self-chosen task into the world of the counterpole, in order to incorporate infinite potencies and aspects of fallen man into his human garb and into his soul, in order to carry and overcome them as a supreme sacrifice and finally to dissolve them in the constant struggle with the counterpole until rebirth is achieved in the most blazing fire of MY HOLY JESUS-MARIA-SPIRIT!
That thereby the greatest thing in My Creation is accomplished is easy to see and who alone is capable of this except ME, THE LORD OF CREATION, should also be easy to understand!
But for all of you, MY CHILDREN OF LOVE, let the rebirth in the fire of MY HOLY JESUS-MARIA-SPIRIT be the highest and most wonderful heavenly goal, which you should never lose sight of with all the ardor of your heart for ME AND MY MOST HOLY, because - say I THE LORD - it is attainable! And if you never lose sight of this heavenly goal, you can never waver, never backslide, but you can accomplish everything.
When you children of men look at your world with this heavenly goal in mind, you already begin to see everything spiritually and no longer earthly and you see that this world is ultimately an illusory world before the HOLY COUNTENANCE OF YOUR GOD AND CREATOR, which has only called itself into existence through sin and, thanks to MY GRACE AND MERCY, is allowed to exist as a star of redemption until the last sin has collapsed and been dissolved!
For see, MY CHILDREN OF LOVE, that everywhere through this illusory world of yours, if you are already ready to see spiritually, shines through the true, the perfect world of
Come to ME all
you who labor and are heavy laden
I will give you rest
Gospel of Matthew 11/28

Thus said I once as
as I now speak
to you today through
have come again to this earth