God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

Origin and Meaning of Marriage

So know, My beloved children, who want to walk with ME ON THE HOLY PATHS OF YOUR GOD AND HEAVENLY FATHER FROM ETERNITY TO ETERNITY, that at the beginning of this CREATION OF MY GRACE on earth I placed for you that which enables you to build a TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT in a single earthly life:
As you have already heard in this NEW BIBLE, you all had in MY KINGDOM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT the perfect sphere of action of yourselves, which can be called the former HEAVENLY MARRIAGE. Easily, truly easily, had I IN MY LOVE made everything around you, you, so that you could build an ETERNAL TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT out of MY SPIRIT in the holy free will of yourselves; for unburied, visible to your spiritual eyes, all the building blocks of MY HOLY SPIRIT lay within you in My heavens! You also began to build your TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT and some of you were already close to completion; but then, instead of listening to MY HOLY VOICE, you listened to the self-willed voice of My firstborn spirit Satana, who promised you his heaven without obedience to ME!
I THE LORD tested you and both let My firstborn spirit do what it pleased in all freedom and also let you do what seemed acceptable to you; for the freedom of every created spirit is from ME, THE ETERNALLY PERFECT, and therefore sacred to ME and is not touched in any spirit! How could a heaven be perfect and full of glories if freedom were limited in the slightest!
So I THE LORD let you have your absolute freedom, seeing and following what you did with this precious gift of YOUR GOD AND CREATOR; only I warned you in My unobtrusive way of ETERNALLY PURE, HEAVENLY LOVE not to leave MY HOLY WAYS.
Should I, THE ETERNAL LOVE, also admonish with a thunderous voice the children of MY HOLY SPIRIT, who had all My glories at their disposal? I MYSELF would have disregarded the ETERNAL HOLY PRIMORDIAL LAW OF MY LOVE if I THE LORD had appeared in My heavens in words of emphasizing power. MY LOVE from MY ETERNAL PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE is truly TRUE LOVE and in MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE is eternally only ever true, purest, holiest LOVE!
You can recognize a hint of this eternally pure, tender and holy LOVE in so many infinite nuances of the nature enveloping you; but you can recognize it best in the true, purest experience of LOVE!
And so you should know that true LOVE can never be paired with power and violence; never, say I THE LORD, not even in the breath of it!
These nuances of purest LOVE from MY HEAVENS are reflected, for example, in the delicate tints of the sunrises and sunsets over your earth, in all the floral splendor of your redemption star and in infinitely many melodic vibrations of all souls groaning for redemption in both your human and animal world, but also in the vegetable and mineral world, without you being aware of it; But the purest, strongest and holiest HEAVENLY LOVE is reflected in the eyes of a human soul filled with MY HOLY SPIRIT and finally also in the moments when MY HOLY SPIRIT brightens the soul realms of two people loving each other in the true heavenly glow, letting you sense that there truly is a beyond of this earthly world!
Such nuances of pure LOVE are always only a very delicate breath of MY HEAVENLY LOVE, rarely an everlasting breath, namely because the spirit from the heavens, which has fallen into the hardened body of matter, demands its tribute from every soul until it is completely reborn in MY HOLY SPIRIT and thus redeemed for all time and eternity from the bonds to the world of matter.
Ask yourselves now, children of MY LOVE, who languish there in the bonds of matter, how it could come about that you left the world of pure spirit in MY HEAVENS, where not only momentary nuances of pure LOVE surrounded and temporarily filled you, but THE EVERLASTING ETERNAL LOVE OF PERFECTION!
Can you understand this, My human children? Do you have an answer to how you could become so blind in MY HEAVEN to turn your backs on THE KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE AND PERFECTION? Are you not stunned by the fact that you have exchanged MY HEAVEN for hell on earth? Where is the reason, the true reason? You can only reveal it to yourselves when you become purest LOVE again; but this is only possible if you are completely reborn in MY HOLY SPIRIT! Therefore I THE LORD must come to your aid.
So listen!
MY PERFECTION is perfected in MY HOLY TRINITY and unchanging to all ETERNITY! Thus, the absolutely PERFECTION can only emerge from ME for all eternity without even the slightest hint of imperfection!
But how does the imperfect come into creation if only the eternally perfect can emerge from ME, you will ask.
MY ANSWER to this gives you the solution, which should be both hope and guarantee for you to be able to return home to MY HEAVEN, THE KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE AND ETERNAL PERFECTION!