God's New Revelations

The Book of Love



in this
MY HOLY VOICE is the eternal source of self-expression in the free will of a spirit, be it in the pure-spiritual of My heavens, be it in the manifold intermediate realm of the soul, be it in the soul wrapped in human garments.
THE WORD is always the first manifestation of the free will of the spirit, just as the beginning of spiritual and material creation emerged from THE WORD OF MY HOLY VOICE, as can also be read in My apostle John:
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and God was the Word. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made through the same, and without the same nothing was made that was made. In him was life, and life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it."
So it is true that only through THE WORD did life and light become in man! And so it is a holy truth that only through THE WORD - but only through THE TRUE WORD - will life and light be restored in you humans of this time!
But also understand that THE TRUE WORD is rooted in the SOURCE OF MY HOLY VOICE! MY HOLY VOICE and THE WORD are ONE and yet two; for THE WORD proceeds from MY HOLY VOICE; it is 'ONE with it when it is ONE with ME and MY HOLY WILL!
But if THE WORD from MY HOLY VOICE - addressed to My children of this world - does not become an active new creation and is only interpreted back and forth as a mere word in the human mind without becoming a living deed of the heart, then THE UNITY OF THE WORD WITH MY HOLY VOICE is lost through the human child; it separates itself from ME and becomes a mere word without THE HOLY SPIRIT FROM MY VOICE: The life through THE WORD then diminishes to the degree that it is humanized and THE LIGHT FROM MY HOLY VOICE diminishes to the darkness of the soul and heart!
Therefore it is so important to receive MY HOLY VOICE with the pure power of the heart in the WORDS OF MY LOVE, so that they may penetrate you completely in order to become the most living act in you and thus unity in the HOLY SPIRIT OF MY VOICE!
MY HOLY VOICE is the HOLY SPIRIT active for you humans, working for you the best, the greatest and the highest, forming itself for you in WORDS OF LOVE, which is why you can never fathom and absorb THE WORDS OF MY LOVE with the mind, but only through THE BURNING LOVE FOR ME, whereby you penetrate into the HOLY SPIRIT OF MY VOICE and become able to recognize and absorb the best, the greatest and the highest!
Compare a stone thrown into the water with a LOVE IMPULSE OF MY HOLY VOICE: Just as the stone triggers vibrating rings of waves around itself, which expand according to the power of the throw, so WORD BY WORD swings out from MY HOLY VOICE in all directions, as circling LOVE VIBRATIONS wanting to reach everything, that is willing to live and work in fullness from MY HOLY SPIRIT, in order to in turn trigger new far-reaching life impulses through THE WORD FROM MY HOLY VOICE, in order to bring THE LIGHT FROM MY HOLY LIGHT over all being!
After these explanations, it should be obvious to every human soul that the reception of the WORDS OF MY HOLY VOICE cannot be bound to rigid rules, but rather that the maturity and willpower of man determine how MY WORDS are shaped for the human sphere of life, that therefore the shaping of MY WORDS by the soul of man is subject to different interpretations, depending on maturity and will, and that the same can never be clothed in fixed rules.
If you are sluggish, if you can no longer muster the will to strive for perfection, if your spirit has slackened or even died in the clothing of your human garment, as is the case today with almost all people on this earth, then even the ceaseless LOVE VIBRATIONS OF ALL WORDS FROM MY HOLY VOICE will vibrate past you without effect; with a dull, matt soul you watch uncomprehendingly as the few true CHILDREN OF MY LOVE struggle to make MY HOLY VOICE, THE VOICE OF YOUR GOD AND LORD, comprehensible to you; you would rather swallow the words of My counterpole from the filthy depths than receive MY HOLY WORDS FROM THE ETERNAL LIGHT OF MY HOLY SPIRIT!
And so no new impulses can emanate from you men through MY HOLY LIGHT; for your being is more and more seized by the filth of the depths and suffocates all impulses towards the heights!
So different, new impulses must be put into THE WORDS OF MY HOLY VOICE so that MY HOLY SPIRIT can still save you! They are delicately vibrating, but particularly HOLY IMPULSES and appear in your language as NEW CREATIONS, which you do not understand at first and about which you turn up your noses because you are still deep in darkness; but those souls among you who have not yet completely committed themselves to the depths can still gradually be seized by MY HOLY WORDS, which vibrate through your earthly existence as NEW CREATIONS.
Thus there are many NEW WORD CREATIONS in this NEW BIBLE; but NEW CREATIONS they are only for your field of vision, which is to expand through novel WORD CREATIONS that are unknown or unfamiliar to you and stimulate the spirit in you to true deeds with the goal of perfection!
In spiritual reality, a novel WORD that is unfamiliar to you humans is only a very natural LOVE SPARK FROM THE FIRE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT, which is further shaped and formed by the spirit in human garb, which itself has already become FIRE IN MY HOLY SPIRIT and expresses these MY HOLY WORDS in language and in writing!
There is THE WORD "HOLY" in its further enhanced form of expression "UTMOST HOLY". The blind, indolent person with a spiritually lame soul will say to himself contemptuously when he hears or reads this word: exaggerated, exuberant.
But I, GOD THE LORD, say: This new form of expression "UTMOST HOLY" of the WORD "HOLY" is nevertheless only a tiny increase in the eternal measure of the INFINITE FIRE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT to ever higher forms of MY ETERNAL LOVE!
When I THE LORD express this new word creation "UTMOST HOLY" for the first time into your language with all the glow of perfect LOVE through MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE and through MY ROCK OF ETERNAL INDESTRUCTIBLE FAITH, thus a new, saving LIGHT shall be kindled in the darkness of the souls of My human children and you shall learn to understand that the measure of MY LOVE AND MY GRACE around you humans is incomprehensibly great!
So let no one be offended if this WORD "UTMOST HOLY" FROM THE FIRE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT constantly appears in new variations not only in this NEW BIBLE but also in the language of MY LIGHT CIRCLE on this earth.
Always bear in mind that you only live on the faintest level of the light of love and that the earthly huckster spirit of self-love and self-interest tries to stifle every budding impulse towards true WORKS OF LOVE. Therefore, THE GLOWING FIRE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT must first dissolve the crusts of the human soul, and so do not resist this GRACE-REDEMPTION-WORK OF ETERNAL LOVE, but try, to enter into THE LOVE-FIRE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT through the unfamiliar HOLY WORDS OF MY LOVE and to increase yourselves in DEEDS AND WORKS OF LOVE, so that everything in you that serves self-love is dissolved and you become true CHILDREN OF MY LOVE!
But you can never become true CHILDREN OF MY LOVE and change the conditions in your world if your words do not first of all bear witness to the love of your heart and show the beginning of a change in your so poor love-light.
So it is with the written and printed forms of MY HOLY WORDS in this NEW BIBLE. The capitalization of all the words that reveal ME, GOD THE LORD, in MY LOVE, in MY GRACE and MERCY, in MY HOLY PROPERTIES and WORKS before you people of this earth, is only the tiniest degree of emphasis in the printed and written form compared to the poverty of your being, to shake you humans awake, to correct your thoughts, feelings and views towards YOUR GOD AND CREATOR and to increase in the self-evident humility before the improbable GRACE that I THE LORD meet you in word and writing and in the direct coming again on this earth on your sinful ways!
So do not be offended by the capitalization, emphasis and intensification of MY HOLY WORDS in this NEW BIBLE!
All the forms of intensification are very specific suggestions to awaken you to the most ardent seriousness in the active love and work on yourselves.
Another form of emphasis concerns superlative qualities, as "most direct", "most wonderful", and the like, with which I THE LORD want to lead you humans to the greatest possible accuracy in the fulfillment of MY PERFECT HOLY WILL, so that you will be able to carry out everything with the greatest precision, as is the case in every one of MY WORKS, which you can admire everywhere, if you can still marvel at MY PERFECT WORKS and not attribute them to a "blind coincidence" in the most blind view, thus giving your soul the most miserable testimony.
Also the printing and spelling of MY HOLY NAME-DESIGN in the letters of your language, such as "GOD THE LORD", "I THE LORD" and the like without separating punctuation marks (comma) is done according to MY HOLY WILL; for I THE LORD am THE HOLY UNITY OF MY ETERNAL SELF, WHICH must not and cannot be separated by anything! And if this contradicts the rules of your linguistics, then - say I THE LORD - establish new rules for MY HOLY LANGUAGE with you children of the world, with which the beginning has already been made in this MY NEW BIBLE!
You yourselves know that languages cannot be bound to rigid forms, and that they change in the eternal process of further and higher education of human life. And so, through MY NEW BIBLE, a completely new process of maturation will begin in all the languages of your earth, the ultimate goal of which is