God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 1 -


As long as this MY NEW BIBLE had not yet appeared, those of My human children who already recognized ME IN MY MOTHER OF BODY MARIA and followed ME in MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH on this earth at this time, received all the necessary guidelines through MY HOLY VOICE "THE VOICE OF THE LORD" and in special cases also directly through ME IN MY MOTHER OF BODY, as everyone could turn to HER in all problem cases. This was a time of grace of an unusual kind for all those who recognized ME both in MY HOLY WORD and in MY MOTHER OF BODY MARIA; a time of grace that will not come again! Those who neglected to implement the Holy Guidelines given directly in this time of grace in the true deed of the heart have only themselves to blame for having wasted this time of grace! It was the time of grace of My first mercy, after I had revealed and proclaimed through MY HOLY VOICE that I THE LORD, CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, THE MESSIAH AND REDEMPTOR, JESUS CHRIST THE CRUCIFIED, had returned to this earth in the human garb of MY MOTHER OF SALVATION, MY MOTHER OF BODY MARIA, from once upon a time! And those who accomplished it in themselves to put My Holy Directives into living action through My Mother of Body Maria, were destined for the core of MY HOLY LIGHT CIRCLE in the coming time of darkness on this earth.
Through this MY NEW BIBLE, the time of grace of My first mercy is now immediately followed by THE TIME OF GRACE OF MY SECOND MERCY! This means that all the guidelines for all times on earth will now be available through this NEW BIBLE, which all people need for their salvation and for their true ascent at MY HOLY HAND. Now it is up to everyone to catch up in this second stage, so to speak, on the basis of these GIFTS OF GRACE, what they have missed so far; for in the phase of the third mercy of MY GRACE, there is no longer a catch-up time for everything that has been missed; for it is THE JUDGMENT! Everyone can then only expect as much of MY GRACE as he has fruits to show that can bring him up the ladder to My heavens: these are the fruits of true LOVE!
So do not waste any time to implement MY HOLY DIRECTIONS of this MY NEW BIBLE with all seriousness in heart deeds of love, so that you are already accepted after the phase of My second mercy for MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE and can arrive as true children of MY LOVE through the third time of grace in THE NEW JERUSALEM on earth! It will even be the case that many a person who enters into the spirit of this NEW BIBLE with full ardent love and utmost seriousness will be accepted for the core of MY HOLY LIGHT CIRCLE OF CHRIST; but only the one who is willing to follow ME, THE LORD IN MY MOTHER OF BODY MARIA, in unconditional obedience!
So now everything is ready for you children of men in MY GRACE AND MERCY!
Comprehend it!