God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

Evolution of a Sphere of Creation for Salvation

In order to let this self-love as the self-willed disobedience decision of My firstling spirit Satana regress again, to redeem it and make it completely ineffective, so that MY CREATION is purified from this spiritual filth of disobedience, a new sphere of creation had to be created out of the darkness into which all disobedient children of MY LOVE had bound themselves through their free decision, for the redemption from this state of self-chosen bondage.
As a prerequisite for this sphere of redemption, a law was needed to classify every spirit in the righteous level for its redemption according to the measure of the self-induced guilt of apostasy from THE LIGHT OF MY CREATION OF ETERNAL LOVE and, according to the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF MY LOVE, to let it ascend again and return to MY HEAVEN OF ETERNAL LOVE, THE KINGDOM OF YOUR GOD, CREATOR AND LORD.
And this law was created out of the PERFECTION OF MY INCREDIBLE WISDOM, LOVE AND MERCY as
This law knows no letters and paragraphs; it is a purely spiritual law! It needs no interpretations; it cannot be applied differently; it does not need to be applied at all; for it works completely from MY HOLY SPIRIT!
To speak with your present vocabulary, you would say it works fully automatically. Since you are not yet born again in MY HOLY SPIRIT, you can hardly grasp this; just as you have not yet fully grasped the law of cause and effect and many other laws from MY PERFECTION, for which neither lawyers nor courts nor commentators are necessary; for I THE LORD am also - if necessary - THE JUDGEMENT OF PERFECTION!
The verdict after this judgment from MY PERFECTION, however, is not passed by MY JUDGMENT, but by the guilty party himself!
MY GRACE AND MERCY always wants to spare the guilty person his own, self-chosen judgment, which is why I THE LORD teach, admonish and try to draw him onto MY HOLY WAYS with the most tireless LOVE and PATIENCE, even if it has to take eons, as it happened in the case of MY FIRSTLING SPIRIT SATANA! Only in the extreme case does the self-inflicted judgment occur; but MY MERCY will then follow on its heels! For I AM THE ABSOLUTE LOVE AND THE ETERNAL LIFE and save everything instead of condemning anything or anyone!
So beware, My children of this earth and of MY LOVE, not to pass judgment on yourselves according to this LAW OF PERFECTION or even to bring judgment upon yourselves; for this LAW OF GUILT AND ATONEMENT, as a purely spiritual law, is highly sensitive, one could say hypersensitive! At the slightest violation of LOVE it begins to take effect and immediately causes the guilty party to be bound by this law. This bondage can only be released through one's own recognition of guilt, through convinced repentance and the serious observance of MY COMMANDMENTS OF LOVE; but the complete redemption from this law of guilt and atonement always takes place through MY GRACE!
So you should gradually realize that your life on earth in all its night and hardship has not come by chance; for you reap only what you have sown! Since you have heard that this LAW OF PERFECTION is hypersensitive and registers every, even the slightest violation of LOVE and binds the guilty party, you should also realize that a violation of the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD causes the most lasting rash in the registration of such guilt!
This is not to say that you should be afraid of this highly sensitive, unavoidable PERFECT LAW OF MY LOVE; by no means, say I THE LORD! On the contrary, it shall raise you to that level of true LOVE where this perfect LOVE does nothing else out of LOVE than just being LOVE and therefore cannot even be tempted to violate THE LOVE for GOD and all neighbors and to put on THE LAW OF GUILT AND ATONEMENT!
But whoever does not become purest LOVE despite such teachings has himself to blame if this law of perfection binds him in such a way as is inevitable for his purification and, if necessary, also triggers THE JUDGMENT OF MY LOVE as an inevitable consequence of stubbornness! But MY GRACE AND MERCY is able to dissolve even the hardest stubbornness through THE SACRIFICE OF FORGIVING LOVE!
When I THE LORD had overcome the death of the body on the cross of Golgotha, the moment had come that broke the greatest stubbornness in My creation: the hitherto unshakeable arrogant belief of My counterpole Satana that he was "The Lord of this world"! Until the last moment of My suffering in human garb on the cross of Golgotha, he was still strengthened in the stubbornness and arrogance of having brought ME, GOD, THE LORD AND CREATOR IN JESUS CHRIST, to His knees; but THE POWER OF MY HOLY SPIRIT IN JESUS CHRIST proved to him a few moments later who THE TRUE LORD is also of this star "earth", which had now truly become the "star of redemption" of the whole fallen creation in the eyes of My adversary, that I, THE LORD over life and death, had broken the barrier of death and thereby pushed open the gate to hell, which is the kingdom of My adversary, in which all those who had handed themselves over to him seemed to be bound for all eternity!
But now MY RESURRECTION LIGHT penetrated over death and matter deep into hell, proving to all those bound there that one can cast off every shackle through THE TRUE LOVE and My adversary is forced to bow to the POWER OF LOVE, so THAT LOVE in absolute obedience to GOD does nothing else but fulfill THE ALONE HOLY WILL OF GOD and so OBEDIENCE and LOVE become the LOVE OF ALL LOVE!
The power and stubbornness of My adversary were thus broken to such an extent that anyone who wanted to could now get rid of his power!
My firstling spirit and counterpole Satana was deprived of the trump card of death, which is ETERNAL LIFE's strongest counterpole power, by MY RESURRECTION ON GOLGATHA! His power was declassified on Golgotha to a sham power, in that his power is now only based on those who do not want to believe in the GOD OF ETERNAL LIFE, WHO IN JESUS CHRIST testified to the POWER OF HIS LOVE over death and matter, so that HIS CHILDREN OF LOVE can follow HIM and return to HIS KINGDOM OF LOVE AND ETERNAL LIFE! Death and matter, the two main components of the disobedient, fallen spirit, were stripped of their most mysterious power on Golgotha by THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT, WHO IS ONE WITH GOD, THE ONMIPOTENT!
I THE LORD had created the world of matter for My firstling spirit Satana for redemption from his stubbornness to be an omnipotence of his own; yet I composed this world for him essentially from his own disobedience and arrogance, in which he finds again in material effect all that his apostate, disobedient spirit caused; but with the difference to himself that I, THE FATHER AND LORD OF ETERNAL LOVE, put MY INFINITE LOVE into all his caused forms of the fallen spirit, without which his forms of being would also have completely solidified.
For see, for example, the manifold life forms of the violent spirit in the manifold species of predatory animals, which, despite the qualities banished in them, show traits of beauty and even receive THE BLESSING OF MY LOVE in procreative, maternal and communal love in order to be able to strive towards higher forms of life through THE LOVE.
I have already explained to you that everything in My creation is LOVE and nothing can live, exist and reproduce without LOVE, and that even hell has traits of LOVE; for if this were not the case, everything would fall from disobedience into total torpor.