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 Fri, Jul 14, 2023 at 2:43 PM UTC by Christian
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Antichrist & The Boardroom Room

Antichrist & The Boardroom Room
2/11/22 at 10:29 am

I remember this dream started with me finding myself in the middle of a meeting room like that of a great boardroom and I am an observer. I see men and women dressed in their business attire and formal dress from different nationalities. I hear a man’s voice and I recognize it immediately! It is the man Antichrist, the man of sin I see so many times in my dreams from my lovely Jesus.

I turn to look at the sound of his voice, because I am standing halfway between the table, and he is at the end with my back towards him. I can hear every word he speaks, and I can’t help but shiver when I hear his seductively, smooth voice that makes my skin crawl now when I hear it.
“I want all the Covid mandates to be dropped. Let the people feel a moment of freedom. We must change our tactics, because this one has failed,” the man Antichrist said passionately. One of the dark headed men in a very expensive dark blue suit spoke up and said, “It’s those praying people who pray to Jesus and in his name, that’s disrupted our well laid plans!”

The man Antichrist’s face became livid, and he stood up quickly, placing his hands in front of him and said in a deadly, steel, cold voice, “You dare mention that filthy (curses) Nazarene in my boardroom!!!” He snapped his fingers on his right hand, and immediately from a nearby door came two armed soldiers in tan military dress uniforms with burgundy berets. They grabbed the man and forcibly remove him from the room. His screams still echo in my ears.

Antichrist looks at each person sitting around the rectangular table and to each his stare is icy cold, with the look of death itself. I felt a cold shiver run down my back. He began speaking. “That filthy Nazarene’s name is not to be spoken in my presence. Do you understand!! My time to full power is not yet fully come and his name still holds much power that cannot be contained until my appointed time when I have power to hunt his children down. Is this understood,” he said in a voice both seducing, yet menacing?

There were nods and murmurs of approval from around the table with some of the people having a look of fear in their eyes, while others looked on in adoration at this master deceiver, Satan’s puppet Antichrist. “Now. let’s continue,” he said in his suave, seductive voice that seem to draw everyone in the room back under his spell of the sound of his voice.

I felt drawn to look at this man and I see once again he is dressed in a very, very expensive medium blue colored suit with the slightest of thin gray pin stripes running through the luxurious fabric and barely discernible to the naked eye. The suit is double breasted and in his left pocket on his chest is a man’s silk, burgundy handkerchief or pocket square as they are also called sometimes that matches to perfection his silk burgundy tie. He wore beneath his suit jacket a crisp, white button up shirt.

I withdrew my eyes from the horrible man Antichrist and gazed upon the other people in the room sitting around the table. This is when I noticed they all wore near their neck or chest area little universal language translators. I recognized them, because I have seen them several times before in other dreams that You have given to me sweet Jesus.

That is everybody but Antichrist. I realize he is not wearing one, but he seems to have the ability to understand everyone in the room no matter what language they are speaking. I knew this somehow in this dream!
Slowly Antichrist sits back down into his chair and began speaking again. “Now as I was saying, this plan has fallen through. We are moving forward to the Green Agenda! Let the people enjoy a moment of freedom then we will lock them down again globally. This will crush their hopes and spirits even more making them easier to control. This time it will not be due to “our” pandemic, but in the guise of peace.”

He continued. “It will be done in the name of humanity! We will tell them we must preserve our precious earth and its resources for our children and their children! I again heard murmurs of approval go through the crowd of people around the table. I even heard a couple of men laugh wickedly.

“Before long we shall herd the masses like cattle into our pre-made accommodations that we will provide for them. Then we will confiscate their land under the guise so we can produce food...all in the name of humanity, for the good of all men! Our man-made famine is still tightly controlled by us and our allies. Desperate people will do almost anything for a chunk of scrappy day-old bread!”

I hear a blonde headed man at the table that I recognize as a man of power in another nation that I have seen in other dreams speak up and say, “Soon all the natural resources will be ours, and the people controlled by us!” Antichrist’s eyes narrowed into thin slits and again he spoke in his bone chilling, deathly cold voice. “I’m sure Boris, you meant to say, “Be ruled by me!”

The man Boris with the fly-away blonde hair immediately shrank back into his high back, black rollable chair as he realized his mistake. He stuttered slightly and said, “That’s what I meant! You know my loyalties lies with you chosen one!”

“Hmmm,” Antichrist said softly the spoke in an icy voice and said, “it had better be or I will skin you alive and serve your body as soup for the hungry masses when the famine reaches its peak!” “I’m sorry, “Boris said with fear in his eyes and voice. “It won’t happen again,” he said! “No, it had better not,” Antichrist snapped sharply which made the man Boris flinch in his seat as if he had been slapped!

“Now,” Antichrist continued, “Green Agenda is a go! I have received all the finances from the world leaders already. It’s time to switch our tactics. Let Fauci and the others take the fall and then we will come in and clean up their mess. Ladies and gentlemen...Green Agenda is a go. Prepare for lockdown! Prepare for martial law to be enacted on my orders! Have your nations and people ready.”

“What about Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping,” asked a man to his left in a Muslim outfit? “Are they to proceed with their current orders, or did they changed when we switched to the Green Agenda,” he asked?

Antichrist smiled wickedly and then replied, “The coalition is firm and secure. The deal is set! They are to take down our strongest adversaries so there will be little resistance when I come to full power. What you must realize is war has already started in Kazakhstan as I have instructed. The Russians, Americans, NATO and even the EU (European Unions) have already been engaged in open warfare, but it’s hidden from the eyes of the people.”

He spoke passionately and said, “But we shall strike them in different ways, weakening more before the death blows are sent to our enemies. The coalition is firm ladies and gentlemen, and those in position of authority inside the Ukraine, Taiwan and American governments shall assure our success!!!”

“My father Lucifer has planned this for many years! This will not fail,” the man Antichrist said with an almost crazed, fanatical look in his eyes. But it was there for only a second, but I saw it and it made me shiver again almost uncontrollably. “Jesus,” I said, “I sure wish You were here with me, or You would take me out of here!” But no answer came this time!

Antichrist continued with his diabolical plans. “Also, we still have our people, our moles planted inside the American’s states for many years in addition to the young zealots newly arriving, crossing the borders. Many are still sliding through Canada by means of the unseemly state of Minnesota! Yes,” he said gleefully, “our plans are flawless, my father Lucifer’s and mine. Then he leaned his head backwards and begin laughing and evil, wicked laugh, but only for a moment.

He then stood up once again, leaning a little forward and placing his hands flat on the table in front of him as his red, rolling chair, rolled backwards from the force of his movements. “Green Agenda is a go! Order all Covid mandates to be dropped immediately and then we will tighten our web and finally we shall have our new world order. He begins laughing again, but this time more sinister if that was possible and then I awoke.

MARK 4:22
AMOS 3:7