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 Mon, Jan 9, 2023 at 11:46 PM UTC by Christian
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Official Proclamation of War, 3 Days of Darkness and Divorce

This is an excerpt from the video. The Archangel St. Gabriel announces the Proclamation on January 6th, 2023....


Vicky: I watch as Gabriel fully opens the scroll.
Before he begins reading I hear the sound of a trumpet blast, one short blast more like what the small shofar sound like yet it seemed to shake the whole earth and atmosphere around me.
That sounded like it came from the heavens.

St.Gabriel: Hear oh hear oh inhabitants of the earth the times of woes have come.
You were warned to repent of your sin-filled ways and return to your guiding creator Jehovah through his son the risen Lamb who died for all inhabitants.
All those of mankind created by his loving tender hands, few have listened, most have not, this is the official proclamation.
On this your original celebrated Christmas Day, the day now that mocks the risen lambs Jesus’s birth and life by the worship of idol gods, false deities and religions.
When it was set aside originally before the combining of pagan worship with Holy observance this being the official day of the Sun Calendar to worship Jesus the risen Lamb Son of the living God Jehovah.
On this day is the official proclamation of war.
You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.
You have been waiting the balance and found guilty.
Now your whole world is to reap the seeds of ill-gotten rewards.

On this day of January 6 2023 for the beloved daughter of Heaven’s court’s calendar...

(Remark Vicky: For my calendar, which I’m in in Tennessee.)

St.Gabriel: ...I declare about order from Heaven’s Court to war.
Heaven’s court war officially comes to your whole world entwined with three days of darkness.
Time within time.
By heaven’s standards I speak now to You O Babylon which is America.
With this declaration Putin of the bear will no longer be restrained from his prolonged coming attack upon your nation.
His hands guides the other nations who have joined the organized coalition by the evil Putin’s hands.
Be not deceived people of the Earth.
All leaders of your world are entangled together in this coming war and all committed already are found to be of evil hearts ruled by the master deceiver Satan, the destroyer of all that’s good that he touches.
What does this mean Gabriel?
It means daughter Vladimir Putin of Russia will now be free to fire upon your once great nation of America.

Vicky: Oh no.

St.Gabriel: Yes our beloved daughter.

Hear ye.
Here one and all people of Babylon of America.
Your divorce has been finalized from your holy God because of your lewd actions and unfaithful hearts and abominable actions.
No longer will your nation receive the blessings in favor it once knew
When under the wing of Jehovah God.
Jehovah God’s protection now only those still faithful to him truly faithful in their love for him
Shall still receive these things bless his protection.

Vicky: Okay now
I’m going to explain something he had gave me a clue that I was not sharing till now, but I need to share it to understand.
He gave me a clue before your tied greetings were fully given before that day is fully over and you’ll tied in Christmas tied.
Christmas is what he was talking about and this apparently January 6th is the Original Christmas on the sun calendar.

You pray about it. Seek the Lord I’m just giving you the word. That’s all. I’m just giving you the word.

(Remark Christian: Christmas was celebrated on December 25th originally after the Julian moon calendar. Due to the change to the Gregorian solar calendar, the date has shifted to January 6th according to the original counting)

Gabriel, I was still expecting information before you’ll tie greetings expired.
Is this not the case?

St.Gabriel: It is the announcement giving Putin the ability to launch his weapons.
Putin will fire and it is because this decree has went out before the yuletide or Christmas Day greetings have fully transpired.

Vicky: I understand.
Is there any more of this decree?

St.Gabriel: Yes. Yes. Daughter of Heaven’s courts there is.

All ye people of the Earth this be also the official time of revealing the things once hidden which shall not be hidden anymore.
It brought to the light.
It should also be the times where the hidden shadows smoke screens and mirrors of deception begin being quickly removed on order of Jehovah God ruler of love mercy and justice judgment sits on his right hand.

Vicky: Is this all the official proclamation Gabriel?

St.Gabriel: Yes.
Upon orders of Heaven’s courts the procession of war shall proceed fast forward with no more delays.
But it is to be preceded by the three days of Darkness which will cover the whole earth with its outer darkness.
This is the official announcement to your world for both the three days of Darkness and war because both events are joined together by way of judgment.
Hear ye hear ye O inhabitants of the earth,
War and darkness comes now to your world.
Be prepared in your hearts for these two events because no one on earth should be left untouched by these events.

Vicky: With these words Gabriel takes one step backward then begins rolling up the scroll and I said: Jesus, Jesus war is not going to be stopped, is it?

Jesus: No daughter, it will not be.