Crusade Prayer 130
Novena of Salvation Crusade Prayer

“This Novena is to be prayed once each month from now on, beginning on a Monday in the morning for a week, praying it three times each morning and you must fast on one day during that week.

This is an extra fasting day requested each month.”

My beloved Mother of Salvation, please gain for all souls, the Gift of Eternal Salvation through the Mercy of your Son, Jesus Christ.

Through your intercession, I plead that you will pray to release all souls from bondage to Satan.

Please ask your Son to show Mercy and forgiveness for those souls, who reject Him, hurt Him with their indifference and who adore false doctrine and false gods.

We beseech you dear Mother, to beg for the Graces to open the hearts of those souls who are most in need of your help.