Crusade Prayer 59
A Pledge of Allegiance to the Divine Will

“My dearly beloved daughter, just as My Eternal Father bequeathed the great Gift to humanity of His Seal, so too, must His children pledge their allegiance to His Divine Will. I ask all of God’s children, who will march forth in His Army, to help save the souls of all God’s children, including hardened sinners, to take this pledge.”

O God the Most High, O Heavenly Father, I pledge to You my firm allegiance to honor and obey You in all things united to Your Divine Will on Earth.

I - through the Sacred Blood of Your only beloved Son - the True Messiah, - offer You my mind, my body and my soul, on behalf of all souls, so that we can unite as one in Your heavenly Kingdom to come, so that Your Divine Will is done on Earth, as it is in Heaven.