!!! HIGH ALERT !!!
!!! The end of our Freedom, of our Existence !!!

The mark of beast is a combination of the vaccine and the chips. Anyone takes the vaccine becomes a hybrid, a killing machine, a zombie, so does the chips. Anyone takes the vaccine and the mark of beast will be lost forevermore. The pandemic is about to break out on a full scale. Because of My mercy, I have held it back to let more people to have more time to prepare, but how many have listened? I will not hold back any more. Comparing with the first one, this next one will be so much worse, no country in the world can be spared from it. A large number of souls will fall into the pit of Hell because of this, do not cease praying for the lost, I desire all to be saved, no one to perish. (Source)


Our Creator, God and Heavenly Father in Jesus Christ


Yes Or No to the Vaccine? Yes Or No to the Mark of the Beast? Yes Or No to your Creator God?

But you say regarding the End Times: “Oh no that is not in this generation. That will be far in the future.”
Or: “God will understand. He is a God of Mercy“
Or: “My family has to eat, I have to have a job to pay the bills.”
Or: “We can not give-up what we have worked for all these years.”
Or: “The government has our best interests, our health and welfare at heart.”
Or: “I know God will forgive us for capitulating to the Vaccine & Mark.”
Or: “It is the future of mankind to advance towards a new era of peace, a brotherhood of nations, with an end of war and a civilization of love.”

No Sooner Will You Make Your Choice, That The Results Will Be Instantaneous And Irrevocable! There Will Be No Turning Back My Children! It will be too late to back-track, there will not even be time for regret, for those who take the Vaccine & Mark of the Beast, of their own volition!

The evil ones technology is far advanced, beyond your imagination. True they have given you some clues; an avalanche of flickering images (Movies, TV Videos), but you will not be able to fathom the speed you will change, your relationships with family members, former friends and neighbors. For they will morph in the blink of an eye. You will run with the herd towards the cliff of the Lake of Fire. Husband against wife, wife against husband, father against child, child against father, mother against all. Murders, cannibals, no longer fully-human, but monsters.

God The Father created you in the first place, you came from inside Him! You are the image and likeness of God. You must return to Him at the end of your time on earth. Your lives are like a passing moment in the arc of eternity. This world is passing away, it is exhausted from all the sins of the sons and daughters of Adam & Eve. Choose Well! Think On It Now! Decide For God! Not the snake king and his agenda of lies and eternal death in the Lake of Fire!

Source: 444prophecynews.com



Covid-19 Vaccinations MEAN DEATH!

I was praying and fasting, regarding the Covid-19 vaccine during the time I’ve received this dream:

In my dream, God took me into the near future of America. I was overlooking America (like a birds eye view), and I looked to my right of America (the Eastside) and was overlooking New York State as well.. And I saw millions of people in America, had received the Covid-19 vaccine.

And also throughout America, I could see 5G towers monitoring VERY closely the covid-19 vaccinated individuals (victims).

When I saw this, I immediately asked God, “How are they completely connected to these 5G towers and the towers to them?” Right after I asked God this, He took me to a hospital in New York. There, I saw a doctor giving a patient, the covid-19 vaccine. (The doctor and patient couldn’t see me.) But while the doctor was injecting into the patient’s arm, the covid-19 vaccine shot.. I saw hundreds/thousands of little specs of microchips, [nanobots] INSIDE the covid-19 vaccine, flowing through the shot, and into that individual.

As the dream went on,
One thing got my attention immediately..was that the people who’d taken the Covid-19 vaccine, their whole body was glowing an odd color green. I asked God, “What does this mean?” And I saw the word, “radioactive”.

AND, upon seeing this..I also saw that they had extra super dark energy-that is, super demonic energy- attached to them!

Also, the word “LEGION”…was written all over them as well!

The Lord took my up higher in the dream (again birds eye view, but over looking America). And the million’s of people, who’d priorly were covid-19 vaccinated and being controlled by the 5G towers.. BEGAN to grow to be VERY violent and AGGRESSIVE, VERY beast like.. In fact, the news called it, “An outbreak” and that those same people (those with covid-19 vaccine in their blood) were deemed “INCURABLE”.

These (covid-19) vaccinated individuals, where EVERYWHERE (when the “outbreak” occurred)! There was NO LINE they weren’t willing to cross, (be it in, violence, murder, mayhem, ravaging, etc). . They were COMPLETELY and UTTERLY out of hand!

I was taken to a very disturbing scene:

A major city, in the mid-eastern side of America.. were infested with “incurables”..They were literally running all over-many on all fours-just like beasts! They were running out of a city, that they had priorly taken over, (I saw thousands laying dead all over the streets of that city.. the smell and sight was HORRIBLE!)

I saw then, that the same (CV-19 vaccinated) crazed “incurables” were ALL at war, with the EVERBODY, including the U.S. military! Looking down at the outskirts in this same city, it was a scene of COMPLETE utter confusion, torment and chaos! The US military soldiers were in the thousands, and armed with machine guns etc, were shooting (by the droves), all “infected” on sight!

The “infected” (so full of legion within themselves; in the hundreds of thousands), were throwing metal objects, rocks-whatever they could find-all against the U.S. Military..the “infected” were even jumping off of vehicles (they’d jump as high as 8-10 in the air) and tall objects to gain ground against the U.S. Military..

The “infected”, didn’t care to loose their own lives either! (As before mentioned..”there was no line they weren’t willing to cross..”)

I saw these “incurable” (CV-19 vaccinated) people were in the millions, everywhere in America, they were burning up, homes, cities, towns, neighborhoods..

During this “OUTBREAK”..that resulted throughout the U.S. Martial Law was issued, as the military soldiers each had orders to: “Shoot ALL incurables/infected ON SIGHT!”

The soldiers had to be in gathered in large groups at a time and use special automatic machine guns..because it literally took LOTS of bullets just to kill one “incurable” on sight. .

It was far worse on the East side of America too, especially because of the “most infected” cities there (as the media put it)..

Right then, seeing all this, I heard the Lord repeat 3x’s: “Covid-19 Vaccinations MEAN DEATH!

*Note: I told myself, for the Lord to use the word, “Death”.. I knew strongly in my spirit, He meant, ‘Eternal death’.

Source: 444prophecynews.com



Prophetic Messages for the Second Coming of Christ

Jesus: Hear Me now, My children, everywhere. The Swords of Justice will fall on those who fail to prepare adequately for The Warning.
My Flames of Divine Mercy, presented to the world to give each of you a taste of what the final day of Judgment will be like, is going to be misinterpreted by so many of you. This great day of The Warning draws closer by the month, so you must now put aside the time in preparing for My Divine Mercy.
Many, many souls will find it difficult to understand what this event really means. So many will, as a result, die of shock, which saddens Me, because for those who do not survive, it will be because of the sorry state of their souls.
Catholics everywhere, seek Confession now, if you want to benefit from My Great Act of Love and Mercy. Christians and other faiths, speak in silence, and tell God how remorseful you are, how much you regret your transgressions and ask Him to forgive you for your sins.




The Warning is close now. It is with great sorrow that I must tell you that many souls will not heed these Messages about The Warning. My Word falls on deaf ears. Why won’t they listen? I Am not only giving them My great Gift of Mercy, when I will shower My graces over the whole world, I Am also trying to prepare them for this event. Many millions of sinners will rejoice when they are shown My great Mercy. Others won’t get a chance to redeem themselves in time, because they will die of shock.


Look, My earthly children, I MYSELF was, as it were, obedient to MY OWN SELF! I THE LORD listened to the MOST HOLY VOICE from MY PRIMORDIAL SOURCE OF ETERNAL LOVE and made the greatest sacrifice for your sake by incarnating in the flesh of your Earth, so as to show and prove to you whatever LOVE AND MERCY are able to do, while releasing you from the Ur-eternal law of My divine order, the eternal Law of Righteousness of Sin and Atonement. I, YOUR GOD AND CREATOR, achieved this task by taking upon ME your ancient guilt, your Ur-sin of turning away from ME, by putting this cumulated Ur-sin as MY SOUL into MY HOLY JESUS-BODY, a love process of creation for the sake of Love with a view to not losing My children to eternal death.

Death is indeed the result of abandoned perfection! If you, O men, do restore perfection in and around yourselves, death as a limitation of your earthly life will be vanquished and will let go of you!

This I THE LORD IN JESUS CHRIST have vividly exemplified through MY SACRIFICE ON GOLGOTHA! For through My birth on Earth MY FOREVER PERFECT BODY OF CREATION out of pure spirit had joined a body subject to the laws of material limitation; the latter, however, was overpowered by the ETERNAL BODY OF MY HOLY SPIRIT, whereby I THE LORD rose from the earthly-material limitation "death" through MY PURELY SPIRITUAL BODY OF CREATION, thus proving to all men on Earth, and also to all spirits of the whole Creation, that eternal LIFE IN THE SPIRIT OF GOD can achieve everything, including dissolving matter with all its defects, shortcomings, and sins, such as death and termination!

For indeed nothing can reach perfection when each individual believes he can achieve something by his own volition. Man's free will is bound to go instantly astray in the jungle of My Counterpole whenever a human being stops looking up to ME and MY PERFECTION and no longer asks: "O LORD, what is YOUR ALONE HOLY WILL?"




However God Himself being eternal, cannot contain in Himself anything temporal and passing, or just coming into being, but what is within Him is eternal, like unto Himself, He can only place outside of Himself, so that they can be seen, in order that they may obtain a natural independence. And when He does that, then is this issue from Him an act of creation and for that being who is a thought of God, placed as it were in freedom external to Him, through His Power and Wisdom, there first begins the period (or rather state) of permitted self activity, for the acquiring of a permanent, independent existence, as it were outside God, even although actually within Him.


And the Baby smilingly replied: "Joseph, do you really know how man should pray to God?
See, you do not know that completely, so I will tell you.
Listen! In spirit and in truth shall man pray to God, but not with the lips as the children of the world do, who suppose that they have served God by having exercised their lips for a time.
And if you want to pray in spirit and in truth, then love God in your heart and do good to all friends and enemies, and your prayer will be just before God!
Now if someone has exercised his lips before God at certain periods for a short time and during this exercise thought of all manner of worldly things which were closer to his heart than all his loose prayer, yes, closer than God Himself - say, can that really be called prayer?
Truly, millions of such prayers are heard by God in exactly the same way as a stone hears the voice of one crying aloud!
But if you pray to God by means of love, then you need never ask whether you should worship Me now as the most holy God and Father.
Whoever prays to God like that, he also prays to Me. For the Father and I are of one love and one heart."




But everywhere on earth, bounds have been set for man, be it for good or for evil; but, in like manner also bounds have been set to each institution, and also every nation. When it shall be full of the divine goodness, then the people and its land shall begin to overflow with blessing: if however a nation and its land become full of wickedness, then without any pity, a strict sentence shall be passed upon it. The nation had played out its evil role, and the country shall be changed into a desert, as will be the case with this country in a time not very far off!