God's New Revelations

The Book of Truth

- Chapter 476 -

Virgin Mary: Whatever Happens in the World Children You Must Know That God the Most High is in Command.

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012 @ 12:50

My child those who have witnessed the miracles of my appearances on earth will know that the time for the secrets and the prophecies foretold will unfold soon.

Children I have made myself known in the world for some time to help prepare you for the glorious return of my Son.

My Son is preparing all of you through the visionaries and the prophets so that you will be made worthy to receive His Gift of eternal life.

You must never be fearful of the future if you believe in my Son because He is the Bread of Life and you will have a wonderful new future.

Whatever happens in the world children you must know that God the Most High is in command.

The serpent has little power against My Father.

The serpent’s power is only strengthened by those who fall prey to sin and the temptations he puts in their way.

Man becomes a prisoner when he sins because his power to resist other sins and offenses against My Father weakens.

Then he continues to sin until he is engulfed with a darkness which is so thick that he cannot escape from it, no matter how hard he tries.

Children you are now obliged, out of your love for my Son, to help those poor souls.

Only you can help them and save them because many will not be able to help themselves.

You are the soldiers my Son needs at this time. It will be through your love for Him that He will grant graces upon lost souls when you invoke His help through your prayers.

Here is the Crusade Prayer to save sinners.

Crusade Prayer (64) Save my brothers and sisters

Oh my dearest Saviour Jesus Christ

accept my gift of prayer and sacrifices to help save my brothers and sisters

from the prison of darkness they are in

Allow me to help salvage their souls

I beg you to forgive them for their sins and I ask

that you flood their souls with the Holy Spirit

so that they will run into your arms as the refuge they so desperately need before they are lost forever

I offer you my gift of surrender for such souls in humble servitude and thanksgiving.


Children you are one with my Son.

Your love brings Him great comfort and your sacrifices and prayers will help Him to bring all of humanity into the safety of His New Paradise on earth.

Only then can the Holy Family of God the Most High re-unite and live in peace for ever and ever.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation