God's New Revelations

God is Love

Our Creator, God and Heavenly Father in Jesus Christ

Warn Mankind!

So be vigilant, because the evil game has begun. In a very short time, the power of evil will spread to all levels of your life. The One World Government that is being strived for and beginning to be implemented, is being supported by the One World Religion. You have no chance to escape from all this unless you turn around, wake up and stand up! So many people are saying the true word, but you do not hear it! You continue to be fed by your media, which tells you about a pandemic, which is non-existent! Wake up! Fight back! You have enough guidance to fight against these machinations, which are of satanic origin through and through!

The division of your society becomes bigger with every day. On the one side the ignorant and media faithful who have decided against the truth! On the other side those who see through the evil game and warn, enlighten and rise! Still you live in a relatively peaceful time, however, this peace threatens to topple, by the ignorance and obedience of those who stubbornly follow those who want your downfall! This schism you find also in My Holy Church. Planned and implemented over decades and hundreds, the devil and his henchmen have infiltrated into My Holy Church.

Recognize where you are(!), My beloved children that you are, because the end is approaching, and with it the downfall of so many of My beloved children! Use your free will for Me, for your Jesus, then I will hurry to you. But those who still reject Me even on the last day of My so great mercy, to you be said: You have not wanted Me. Now I can do nothing more for you. When the gates of hell open, your soul will have no protection. I, your Jesus, will not rush to your help, because you have rejected Me and did this of your own free will, if you now realize that the devil has also lied to you and deceived you, because everything that comes from him is only deception and pretense, then it is already too late for you! Your soul will be lost forever and torment and pain and agony and suffering will be your damnation. I warn you for the last time, you who pay homage to the devil: Turn back! For your suffering, agony, torment and horror will be greater than anything you have done to My children in your lifetime!

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The End of your Freedom, your Existence...

I therefore ask you, beloved children that you are: Pray! Pray! Pray! Rise up! Rise up! Recognize the truth and defend yourselves! If you continue to believe the media, the apparatuses that feed you with lies on a daily basis, let Me tell you:

Your awakening will be a rude awakening, because you will realize what you HAVEN'T done. Now it is too late and you voluntarily place yourselves voluntarily into the hands of My adversary!

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So wake up BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE FOR YOU! Look the truth in the face! Join those who are resisting this totalitarian state of the world, because you will all become slaves if you don't wake up and do something now! I, your Jesus, am calling to you:

Wake up! Defend yourselves! Because what is planned by the devil and his elite will be the end of your freedom, the end of your existence, and the end of your life as God-created human beings. Amen.


Prophetic Messages for the Second Coming of Christ

Jesus: Hear Me now, My children, everywhere. The Swords of Justice will fall on those who fail to prepare adequately for The Warning.
My Flames of Divine Mercy, presented to the world to give each of you a taste of what the final day of Judgment will be like, is going to be misinterpreted by so many of you. This great day of The Warning draws closer by the month, so you must now put aside the time in preparing for My Divine Mercy.
Many, many souls will find it difficult to understand what this event really means. So many will, as a result, die of shock, which saddens Me, because for those who do not survive, it will be because of the sorry state of their souls.
Catholics everywhere, seek Confession now, if you want to benefit from My Great Act of Love and Mercy. Christians and other faiths, speak in silence, and tell God how remorseful you are, how much you regret your transgressions and ask Him to forgive you for your sins.

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The Warning is close now. It is with great sorrow that I must tell you that many souls will not heed these Messages about The Warning. My Word falls on deaf ears. Why won’t they listen? I Am not only giving them My great Gift of Mercy, when I will shower My graces over the whole world, I Am also trying to prepare them for this event. Many millions of sinners will rejoice when they are shown My great Mercy. Others won’t get a chance to redeem themselves in time, because they will die of shock.


Look, My earthly children, I MYSELF was, as it were, obedient to MY OWN SELF! I THE LORD listened to the MOST HOLY VOICE from MY PRIMORDIAL SOURCE OF ETERNAL LOVE and made the greatest sacrifice for your sake by incarnating in the flesh of your Earth, so as to show and prove to you whatever LOVE AND MERCY are able to do, while releasing you from the Ur-eternal law of My divine order, the eternal Law of Righteousness of Sin and Atonement. I, YOUR GOD AND CREATOR, achieved this task by taking upon ME your ancient guilt, your Ur-sin of turning away from ME, by putting this cumulated Ur-sin as MY SOUL into MY HOLY JESUS-BODY, a love process of creation for the sake of Love with a view to not losing My children to eternal death.

Death is indeed the result of abandoned perfection! If you, O men, do restore perfection in and around yourselves, death as a limitation of your earthly life will be vanquished and will let go of you!

This I THE LORD IN JESUS CHRIST have vividly exemplified through MY SACRIFICE ON GOLGOTHA! For through My birth on Earth MY FOREVER PERFECT BODY OF CREATION out of pure spirit had joined a body subject to the laws of material limitation; the latter, however, was overpowered by the ETERNAL BODY OF MY HOLY SPIRIT, whereby I THE LORD rose from the earthly-material limitation "death" through MY PURELY SPIRITUAL BODY OF CREATION, thus proving to all men on Earth, and also to all spirits of the whole Creation, that eternal LIFE IN THE SPIRIT OF GOD can achieve everything, including dissolving matter with all its defects, shortcomings, and sins, such as death and termination!

For indeed nothing can reach perfection when each individual believes he can achieve something by his own volition. Man's free will is bound to go instantly astray in the jungle of My Counterpole whenever a human being stops looking up to ME and MY PERFECTION and no longer asks: "O LORD, what is YOUR ALONE HOLY WILL?"

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And the Baby smilingly replied: "Joseph, do you really know how man should pray to God?
See, you do not know that completely, so I will tell you.
Listen! In spirit and in truth shall man pray to God, but not with the lips as the children of the world do, who suppose that they have served God by having exercised their lips for a time.
And if you want to pray in spirit and in truth, then love God in your heart and do good to all friends and enemies, and your prayer will be just before God!
Now if someone has exercised his lips before God at certain periods for a short time and during this exercise thought of all manner of worldly things which were closer to his heart than all his loose prayer, yes, closer than God Himself - say, can that really be called prayer?
Truly, millions of such prayers are heard by God in exactly the same way as a stone hears the voice of one crying aloud!
But if you pray to God by means of love, then you need never ask whether you should worship Me now as the most holy God and Father.
Whoever prays to God like that, he also prays to Me. For the Father and I are of one love and one heart."

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But everywhere on earth, bounds have been set for man, be it for good or for evil; but, in like manner also bounds have been set to each institution, and also every nation. When it shall be full of the divine goodness, then the people and its land shall begin to overflow with blessing: if however a nation and its land become full of wickedness, then without any pity, a strict sentence shall be passed upon it. The nation had played out its evil role, and the country shall be changed into a desert, as will be the case with this country in a time not very far off!

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